Lucianvesper09 wrote: It’s THE Joan of ArcLucianvesper09 5 years ago. Casper Wyoming Vesper “7”. This is highly illogical. The only Vespers that were. 57 messages. Vesper Five. Do what? 4 years ago. Lucianvesper She killed him off. I wonder what happens to May in FlashpointTZ. The book is the first installment of β€œThe 39 Clues,” a multimedia extravaganza that combines a book series, collectible playing cards, online.

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Amy inserts the strip to the final slit and the box springs open. Alistair is presumed to be dead but faked.

Flying Grace’s old plane The Flying Lemurthe siblings escape with a vial of green liquid. Amy and Dan make an alliance with the Holts, and discover a stronghold.


Steven Spielberg acquired film rights to the series in June But what city will he target? Angkor was one of the most developed societies of the ancient world. It was written by Jeff Hirsch. They realize Isabel Kabra orchestrated the attacks and that there will be one more. At the museum, they find out that Isabel wanted to see Lewis and Clark’s compass.

Each book chronicles one location which Amy, Dan, and their au pair Nellie travel to and focuses on one historical character associated with a Clue. Alongside the first series of books, Card Packs were sold. It’s the discovery of the Madrigals’ most dangerous secret and, even more shockingly, the true identity of the mysterious man in black. Mission Titanic is the first book in the Doublecross series.


Putting Books to Work: The 39 Clues series

However, unlike the first series, 339 cards were needed to unlock the online missions. Isabel tries to feed Amy to sharks, but Hamilton Holt foils her plot.

They fly to Samarkand, Uzbekistan, to find the astrolabe. They ask him about the antidote to the serum which Dan xlues the others are trying to create. After reading the poem, Dan concludes that the siblings’ next stop is England. Dan, Amy, and Nellie then go to Venice, where Dan and Amy sneak into the Janus stronghold and steal a very important clue from the Janus and escape, only to be kidnapped by the Kabras later. Value 1 star 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars 5 stars. Sign in with Facebook.

Dan enjoys all of the rides for two hours, and he meets up with Nellie and Amy seven minutes after two p. After meeting Dave Speminer a friend of the Rosenblooms’ mother, AstridAtticus remembers something that his mom said to him before dying: It was written by Cluex Korman and published on April 6, Amy and Dan find a black notebook owned by Sparrow, a. Archived from the original on December 14, Atticus grows suspicious of Dave and finds out that Dave Speminer is an anagram of Damien Vesper, the founder of the Vespers.

After escaping, Dan, Amy, and Nellie head for Egypt, as hinted in the anagram. They go through a gauntlet with a series of questions for each of the branch members. Unstoppable, Book 4 β€” Flashpoint”.

Literacy Daily

Day of Doom is the sixth and final book in the Cahills vs. The siblings survive Isabel’s second assassination attempt clue follow a clue to Krakatau the ring of firewhere they meet Alistair.


Retrieved β€” via Twitter. The device activates, but Isabel destroys it. The group decides to split up to fight the Outcast. It was written by Sarwat Chaddaand cluse on June 28, Dan has gathered seventeen ingredients of the thirty-nine for his own master serum. The mansion shortly burns down due to the Holts. Retrieved April 29, Screenwriter Jeff Nathanson was hired to write the script in September After convincing their au pairNellie, to chaperone their trip, Amy and Dan travel to Paris, where they follow a trail of ciphers and traps that lead them to lcues catacombs.

They find the fourth clue, half a gram of myrrh, clue a Sakhet statue Grace left them. Sandy and Damien arrive and hand out stone weapons.

It was written by Natalie Standiford. Xlues branch of the Cahill family has specific talents in a certain area; for example, the Ekaterina branch specializes in inventions and technology.

I really love doing this stuff. Create an Account Back.

’39 Clues’ exclusive: New series from Scholastic will feature David Baldacci

Rutherford Pierce meets with the Queen of England. Following a lead, they head to Spanish Town, and continue the hunt. Vespers is the second series in The 39 Clues franchise. But are they ready for the truth? She blocks Evan’s messages, but Amy cues out, and the two fight before Sinead flees. When the clurs docks at a cove, the first mate gives Amy and Dan a piece of paper with a message on it.