If Oliver James is suffering from what he calls “affluenza” – a depressive middle- class sickness brought on by social and material envy – then. Affluenza [Oliver James] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. There is currently an epidemic of ‘affluenza’ throughout the world – an obsessive, . Affluenza [Dr. Oliver James] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. There is currently an epidemic of “affluenza” throughout the world—an.

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Preview — Affluenza by Oliver James.

Review: Affluenza by Oliver James | Books | The Guardian

I suppose I’ll have to pop into Kinokuniya in the city to buy that. I’ve got the same worries but, having seen so many people obsessed with this rubbish, I am not as bad as I was. In he presented The Chair for BBC 2, a series that put celebrities on the psychologist’s couch, and in which Peter Mandelson famously shed a tear. Also in my edition the references to other pages in the book were incorrect which was irritating the index was OK.

Initially I was hooked. Which is ridiculous and insulting to the nation as a whole. Everything is transparent but nobody sees through the transparency illusion.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Halfway through this book I thought: Well, just think of Tony Blair and his property dealings, his flash holidays, his spray-on tan.

James blames capitalism for the parlous state of our mental health. I think happiness is a wobbly overrated concept and there should be higher values to our life rather than our own happiness.

The author had already formed a conclusion before he affluejza on these travels, and of course the interviews only confirmed is views. This makes you me wonder how many slinky sounding erotica writers with obvio I spent the first half of this book imagining the writer of this book to be young ishwith curly blond hair and a roguish look about him.


So why are we, in James’s words, so fucked up? Oliver has produced and presented several other television series about the issues surrounding mental illness, and various psychological aspects of British society.

Especially the manifesto that suggests that “following their election, all Members of Parliament affluneza have to spend two weeks caring full-time for a two-year-old. Statistics are funny things too. The need to feel autonomous – masters of our destinies to some degree.

I felt like writing “correlation doesn’t equal causation! It also helps if you live in a non-English speaking world. It struck me as a typical psychologist’s way of marketing another TV-friendly theory.

Near the end of the book, he talks about playfulness as one of the important human qualities, one of the antidote things to distress. One of the scariest parts of the book is James’s analysis of New Labour politicians. Whilst this was a little repetitive in nature it was still an interesting read. It is every psychologist’s conceit that he is sffluenza messed up as the people he analyses, if not more so, and James is as superficially confessional as the next shrink.

Don’t watch too much TV. Wot U Looking At? It was easy to read and well written, but in places quite repetitive as the author was trying to reinforce his points. I was trying to make sense of what we’ve been calling ‘mainstream consumer culture’ as an alternate to the Bottom of the Pyramid value system and mindset that we’ve begun to observe and identify.

Are you suffering from affluenza?

There’s a huge amount of information in this book, and it’s all very interesting, but thankfully I don’t feel a part of the rat race. The cogency of afflhenza argument deteriorated to such an extent that all faith was soon lost.


But in the spirit of the Future Perfect let’s start with a very basic question – why do these informal repair cultures exist at all? As James points out, the virus has spread to television – “most programmes,” he says, “are now barely concealed advertisements for classes of product” – and education. It is a affluenz edifice, not at all convincing and covered up by his too self-assured writing style and relentless use of examples and general stereotypes about particular countries.

Oliver James (psychologist)

The USA is by far the most afflicted. Ritchie described the book’s thesis as “children are born with brains of soft clay, their mental makeup unaffected by genes and infinitely mouldable by their parents”, and that ” DNA has no effect on the mind or mental health, whereas parenting reigns supreme”.

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His favourite possession is jamfs large double bed he bought 20 years ago from Simon Horn Furniture. And I don’t feel the author needed to beat me over the head with the word Affluenza every three or four pages it’s in big letters on the front cover, after all! Jan 29, Huyen rated it did not like it Shelves: