Jean-Paul Akayesu (born ) is a former teacher, school inspector, and Republican . External links[edit]. ICTR case documents for Jean Paul Akayesu. Warning: This case deals with topics that are especially grave and may cause trauma invoked by memories of past abuse. If you have. The case arose out of the massacres of perhaps a million Tutsi in Rwanda in Akayesu was mayor.2 A trial chamber of the International Criminal Tribunal for.

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Manuel Antonio Callejas y Callejas is a retired Guatemalan military official and was the head of military intelligence a By virtue of his presence during the commission of the sexual violence, beatings and murders and by failing to prevent the sexual violence, beatings and murders, Jean Paul AKAYESU encouraged these activities.

Hence, the Chamber dismissed the grounds of appeal presented by the Accused para. His trial began on 9 January From testimony at the trial, along with other evidence, the ICTR recognised rape on or near the Taba Commune was systematically perpetrated against all and only Tutsi women — therefore falling within the definition of genocide.

This stems from the fact that common Article 3 requires a close nexus between violations and the armed conflict. Due to the overall protective and humanitarian purpose of these international legal instruments, however, the delimitation of this category of persons bound by the provisions in Common Article 3 and Additional Protocol II should not be too restricted.

Furthermore, it developed a certain number of other tests for the application of article 3 which the Appeals Chamber can summarize here as follows: Had the ICTR adopted such an approach, would it have violated the principle of nullum crimen sine lege? Why did the Court find it necessary to establish that Art.

Do you think it should be?


Thus, punishment of the crime of cae did exist in Rwanda inat the time of the acts alleged in the Indictment, and the perpetrator was liable to be brought before the competent courts of Rwanda to answer for this crime. Jurisprudence on gender crimes: To accept cookies, click continue.

Jean-Paul Akayesu Case | Tackling Violence against Women

Conclusion The applicability of Common Article 3 and Additional Protocol II has been dealt with above and findings made thereon akatesu the context of the temporal setting of events alleged in the Indictment. Between April and July the country was torn apart by a bloody genocide, during which extremist Hutu people targeted Tutsis and moderate Hutus.

Ricardo Miguel Cavallo was born on 29 september In addition to this argument from custom, there is the fact that the Geneva Conventions of and thus Common Article 3 were ratified by Rwanda on 5 May and Additional Protocol II on 19 Novemberand were therefore in force on the territory of Rwanda at the time of the alleged offences. Further, the Chamber finds that conflict took place at the time of the events alleged in the Indictment.

On 2 SeptemberTrial Chamber I found the Accused guilty of genocide count 1direct and public incitement to commit genocide count 4 and crimes against humanity Counts 3, 5, 7, akayexu, 11, 13 and The women lived in constant fear and their physical and psychological health deteriorated as a result.

Ibrahim Al F The court clarified that Genocide is a specific crime that takes the accused cqse of the scope of armed conflict.

The Prosecutor v. Jean Paul Akayesu (Case No. ICTR-96-4-T)

The most interesting aspect of this case resides in the recognition of the crime of rape as a form of genocide. Indeed, the Security Council has itself never explicitly determined how an armed conflict should be characterised. akayesi

akahesu The ICTR recognised that the central elements of rape could not be captured in the mechanical descriptions of objects and body parts para. Police officers armed with guns, as well as Jean-Paul Akayesu himself, were reportedly present at some of these acts. However, as aforesaid, Additional Protocol II as a whole was not deemed by the Secretary-General to have been universally recognized as part of customary international law.


The Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman and Degrading Treatment or Punishment does not catalogue specific acts in its definition of torture, focusing rather on the conceptual frame work of state sanctioned violence. Jean Paul AKAYESU facilitated the commission of akayesi sexual violence, beatings and murders by allowing the sexual violence and beatings and murders to occur on or near the bureau communal premises.

Cookies allow us to improve our services. The Security Council, when delimiting the subject-matter jurisdiction of the ICTR, incorporated violations of international humanitarian law which may be committed in the context of both an international and an internal armed akayesuu Therefore, it directed that the Accused should serve a single sentence of life imprisonment see Judgment and Verdict. This akayeeu in line with the view of the ICTY Appeals Chamber stipulating that Common Article 3 beyond doubt formed part of customary international law, and further that there exists a corpus of general principles and norms on internal armed conflict embracing Common Article 3 but having csse much greater scope.

Many women were forced to endure multiple acts of sexual violence which were at times committed by more than one assailant.

The category of persons to be held accountable in this respect then, would in most cases be limited to commanders, combatants and other members of the armed forces.