Annapurna: First Conquest of an meter Peak () is a book by French climber Maurice Herzog, leader of the French Annapurna expedition, the. 14 Dec Maurice Herzog became a hero of France when, on 3 June , of our days,” Herzog wrote in the conclusion of Annapurna, his best-selling. 4 Jun The reigning champ, with 11 million copies sold, is Maurice Herzog’s ”Annapurna ,” the story of the French mountaineers who in reached.

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Starting from the immaculate arrangements of a large scale expedition, to the strategic moves of exploration within a given time limit, the book initially talks only about how Maurice and his gang slowly discovered and decided the routes and plans. Feb 06, Radek Annapuena rated it really liked it.

Jun 07, Kyle Magin rated it liked it. The book itself is a page turner, I practically finished the last half or more in one sitting. Though, I will never shy away from going to THE next level, I will not shy away from taking calculated risks. I’m not sure if it was missing the dramatic tension I expected, or perhaps the level of emotion Herzog had to have been experiencing wasn’t relayed to the extent expected Topics Mentioning This Author.

Herzog and Lachenal would not have survived had it not been for the back breaking work of the coolies but their attitude toward them was so patronising. Jan 11, Dwight rated it it was amazing. I still remember how much I loved it. A must read for anyone even if you have no interest in mountaineering.

Annapurna by Maurice Herzog

Wnnapurna was the days of bare-footed porters, climbers smoking cigarettes at any given opportunity and Indian Survey maps which only vaguely resemble to actual lie of the land. I talk about this book during the wilderness medicine course I’m part of.


Feb 20, Ridhika Khanna rated it liked it Shelves: I don’t think their French climbing partners would have been able to rescue them as not enough of them were in decent shape. Mautice continuously blabbered on about his medical condition paying less or no heed to what other climbers were going through.

Herzog and his team had to lo Inno mountain higher than 8, meters had ever been climbed. This is a review of a translated book, so am not sure if it was the herog, or Maurice himself, in the original french version, who was not able to capture these emotions throughout the book before the summit was bagged A very good book I would say and a must read for all mountaineers.

A few extracts from the book: I would recommend this book to mountaineering enthusiasts to learn how reconnaisance can be carried out. Maurice Herzog Foreword by.

There is some controversy over whether the climb eventuate the way this book is told, where Herzog does takes a lot of the glory A readable telling of the first summiting of an m mountain – a few years before Hillary climbed Everest with Tensing. Add to this that smokes and sleeping pills were a routine part of their day and you start to get an idea of how crazy this expedition was! Maurice Herzog’s team of French mountaineers suffered greatly for claiming Annapurna’s summit, but in the end all I could say is, “They just don’t build men like they used to.

Maurice Herzog

Preview — Annapurna by Maurice Herzog. Archived from the original on 2 September These climbers set out to climb the meter peak Dhaulagiri and ended up on Annapurna I without so much as a good map to show them how to get there. They had to find and scout the mountain, set up supply chains, and it was all very tedious, necessary and excruciating. The maps provided by Surveyor General of India and other governmental agencies were insufficient, inaccurate and sometimes misleading.


Annapurna (book) – Wikipedia

I could not visualise the geographical and technical challenges they faced in the beginning so I didn’t enjoy reading about them. Later learned Herzog forced all other members of his party to sign Non Disclosure Agreements legal wai Well written but pretty self-aggrandizing account of the 1st summit of 8, m peak. It took too long to get interesting. I love any trek where I know there’s a tea ajnapurna at least every couple of hours, and some place for a hot meal and a dry bed at the end of the day.

You can just sense between his words that there must have been huge disagreements about finding routes and doing the work. The team surely looked confidant and competitive, none who would lack any climbing skill.

The original text was written in French, first published in[1] and has been translated to a number of languages. Having said this, once the team does get to Annapurna and starts anbapurna, as well as the subsequent devastating outcomes of the climb, I found the book became much more interesting and accessible.

A mere 10 years after France’s shameful defeat, this triumph was to inspire all of France, and his tone is inspirational in spite of his own utter defeat and death wish after the horrific descent.