AR 750-35 PDF

29 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) , General Industry Standards; AR , The Army Safety Program; AR , Army Material Maintenance Policy . Before, during and after the operation of a piece of equipment and also at weekly and monthly intervals. What is a TM? A Technical Manual. Army Equipment Safety and Maintenance Notification System (AR In addition to this pamphlet, DA Pam –8, DA Pam –35, and DA.

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Marcus Curtis, Delaplaine 7550-35 If you want a really accuratetake a look at Accuracy Systems here, but hide your credit card first and get a napkin to catch the drool: Brandon Mallow, Siloam Springs Mine is a rifle with synthetic stocks in It is accurate and has never jammed once.

Connie’s post scripts.

Michael Young, West Memphis 750-5 Hornbeck, HS Lakeside Brent Domerese, Van Buren Doug Trantham, Jacksonville I would take a look at the Ruger It’s also expensive, although not nearly as bad as some AR guns out there. Kyle Meythaler, Siloam Springs Rules are simple, be nice and join in.


Brian Tyler, Crossett I have a BAR lefthand Longtrac. Originally Posted by nachogrande. My Remington is a synthetic carbine. Chad Hyman, Genoa Central Lerinezo Robinson, Mayflower Justin Jackson, Dierks Thompson, Russellville I have two of the three guns you list in your heading.

A friend has one and it is accurate, with a good trigger. Cody Williams, Sheridan Matt Hathcote, Pulaski Robinson Add Thread to del. His will likely see duty in the deer blind, waiting for pigs at last light.

That is honor, and there are way too many people in this country who no longer understand it. The single stage trigger is OK, but not great, however you can say the same thing about most rifles unless you go top of the line. Originally Posted by changeagent Hello All, I am new to this forum and also new to hunting and firearms.

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Cedric Shaw, Sylvan Hills Blake Jorgenson, Fayetteville Uncle Al Registered User. Justin Moore, Fayetteville Jeremy HIlton, Dardanelle Chris Benson, Nashville Page 1 of 3.


CZ Semi Auto. Originally Posted by faucettb Welcome to the forum.

Pass complete!

Jonas Shaffer, Charleston Very accurate, trigger so-so, jams all the time. I too have a thing for whelen’s! If you want to talk magnum cartridges with a muzzle brake, perhaps then? Again – personal opinion.

Originally Posted by SharpDog. Shoot lever guns now being a lefty and having a great time. But not something I’d drag around in the hunting fields. Don White, Nashville Share Share this post on Digg Del.

Shot ARs most of my life while in the service and now find them boring.