Arigo has 31 ratings and 3 reviews. Heikki said: John G. Fuller led an interesting life. As a reporter he became known for his powerful and clear prose t. This is an excerpt from “Arigo: Surgeon of the Rusty Knife” by John G Fuller Now, this was a long ass explanation and you might be wondering. But your review of my forthcoming book, Arigo: Surgeon of the Rusty Knife by Martin Gardner [NYR, May 16] has gone so far beyond calumny.

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But no matter what the topic, his voice is loud and clear. The evidence, in rusyy form of thousands of testimonies by patients and doctors, photographs and movie films, is certainly impressive in the case of Arigo.

In he was arrested and held for seven months for practicing medicine without a license. Psychic surgery is admittedly fairly easy to duplicate, at any rate for a trained stage magician like James Randi who on his website mistakenly attributes J. One of the many physicians who witnessed Arigo’s psychic surgery was Dr.

Arigo: Surgeon of the Rusty Knife

Twisting the knife around for a few seconds he rapidly extracted the bloody tumour which he threw, together with the kitchen knife, into the sink. Views Read Edit View history. His most important book was the fictional novel We Almost Lost Detroit. This entity identified itself as “Dr. He was sentenced to 15 months in prison, but was pardoned by President of Brazil Juscelino Kubitschek de Oliveira.

He comes to the conclusion that something not explainable by modern man takes place when Arigo goes to work on a man with a tumor in the throat and in five seconds flat has the bulging cancer growth in a dirty enamel dish.


It Is a fact that both Brazilian and American doctors have verified Arigo’s healings and have taken explicit color motion pictures of his work and operations.

It is a fact that he could write swiftly some of the most sophisticated prescriptions in modern pharmacology,yet he never went beyond third grade and never studied the subject. C rated it really liked it Sep 01, Despite these apparently dangerous conditions he performed perhaps a million rsty operations over a twenty-year period, regularly treating hundreds of people a day in his surgery.

The book was published prior to the final resolution of the case in Carlos Paranhos da Costa Cruz, a dentist who worked in Belo Horizonte, reported how his sister-in-law Sonja had been diagnosed by several physicians, including her own father, with cancer of the liver. She did not flinch, although perfectly conscious.

Other eminent individuals taken to Arigo to be treated were Brazilian President Kubitschek’s daughter, his pilot and the head of his security police, all of whom reportedly came back cured from the great healer.

Ali Murray rated it it was amazing Jul 17, By such means were Arigo’s alleged “miracle healings” actually performed. Surgeon of the Rusty Knife. Arigo claimed that he performed his operations whilst in a trance state possessed by or channelling the spirit of a German doctor called ‘ Dr Adolphus Fritz’, who had apparently died induring World War I. The whole operation had taken five seconds, there was little bleeding and no infection afterwards. Among the latter was Henry K.

Fuller ‘s book Arigo withdrew publication of his own Gardner book. W ith the prie st about to administer the last rites Arigo suddenly ran out of the room into the kitchen, grabbed a knife came back and thrust it swiftly into the woman’s vagina.

If his healing abilities were faked, which is a distinct possibility, he was still able in some way to remove all sense of fear and pain from his patients, to affect their minds in an extremely powerful way. His reputation soared and spread throughout Brazil after it was alleged that he had removed a cancerous tumor from the lung of a well-known Brazilian senator. This example of psychic surgery was filmed, along with many of Arigo’s operations at this time, and showed Ario slitting Puharich’s arm with an unsterilised penknife, removing the growth and slapping it in Puharich’s hand.


A few days later on 11 January he was killed in a car crash.

Arigo–The Surgeon with the Rusty Knife

I will of course leave it up to you to decide what you think of this. According to published accounts, there was little bleeding, no infection and the wound never required stitches. Perhaps due to friends in high places Arigo was subsequently pardoned and released without serving his sentence. Neerav Shah rated it really liked it May 20, Unable to get any relief from the town surgein the distraught young man went to a local spiritist named Olivera, who prayed for him and told him that the cause of the problem was a spirit attempting to work through him.

The scissors appeared to move of their own accord. After taking several x-rays ov Bittencourt ‘s doctor informed him that the tumour had inexplicably disappeared. As a reporter he became known for his powerful and clear prose that delivered the message without ornaments.

Fullers book about the case see sources.