Notable works, Fuzzy Thinking Nanotime Noise. Bart Andrew Kosko (born February 7, ) is a writer and professor of electrical engineering and law at the University of Southern California (USC). He is notable as a researcher and popularizer of fuzzy logic, neural networks. 27 Feb It is the strength of Bart Kosko’s exciting and truly revolutionary book that it both reflects the wider, post-modern cultural movements of this. Fuzzy Thinking has ratings and 34 reviews. Ahmad said: Fuzzy Thinking: The New Science of Fuzzy Logic, Bart Koskoتاریخ نخستین خوانش: نهم جولای سال 1.

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Oct 23, Kurt Schwind rated it it was amazing. Fuzzy logic isused in palmtop computers that recognize and translate handwritten characters. He is writing with lots of enthusiasm.

Fuzzy Thinking: The New Science of Fuzzy Logic by Bart Kosko

Gets a up thumb from me. Fights break out when some person or some group or some government tries to round us off their way, tries to make us all A or all not-A, tries to turn our fits to bits and squash our fuzziness. Il leggerlo ha cambiato la mia vita: But while reading his book i really liked to ask him to cool down.

In fact, you’d say he’s some kind of polymath, throwing maths and philosophy at the page in wild, untrammelled abandon. Nov 05, David rated it did not like it. In kossko sense voting just asks for trouble. On tap are “smarter” computers and such medical advances as smart artificial body parts.

It was certainly informative. If you are into electronics, you might find this book interesting.

Fuzzy Thinking: The New Science of Fuzzy Logic

What is the fuzzy principle? Sep 02, Gerald De rated it fuszy liked it. Jan 21, Mohammad rated it it was amazing Shelves: Bart Kosko, fuzsy it better than anyone else can. A washing machine that recognizes how ‘clean’ is ‘clean,’ and washes until it gets there. I am interested in reading more about fuzzy logic so that I can formally use it in future problem solving but will take the hard text books rather than this “impress the masses” self-promotion pop-science book.


As a Taoist I find his behaviour truly humane, bordering on etiquette boom boom – a Taoist insult and his lip service to the tbinking philosophies irritating. That’s what it sounded like to me.

Invented in America, fuzzy logic has broad implications for the way we think. Aug 12, Rohit Shinde rated it it was ok Shelves: He proved many versions of the so-called “forbidden interval rhinking which guarantees that noise will benefit a system if the average thimking of noise does not fall in an interval of values.

Libro meraviglio tanto quanto l’argomento, ben scritto, completo e interessantissimo. It’s really a shame this train of thought has been dismissed, because there have been real-world successes in using it a computer application that can fly a helicopter that has lost a rotor, using approximations of nart human fliers as ‘rules’, even though no human could ever hope to fly a helicopter that has lost a rotor.

Japanese and Korean companies already apply fuzzy technology to the tune of billions of dollars a year in such products as air conditioners instead of producing an all-or-nothing blast of cold air, fuzzy air conditioners vuzzy adjust to the precise temperature in the room and emit a corresponding degree of cooling air ; computers; cameras and camcorders; auto engines, brakes, transmissions, and cruise controls; dishwashers; elevators; washing machines and dryers; microwave ovens; and televisions.

What is kind of amazing is that modern day neural networks often use thinkking lot of what was presented here in Retrieved from ” https: In neural networks, Kosko introduced the unsupervised technique of differential Hebbian learning[11] sometimes called the “differential synapse,” and most famously the BAM or bidirectional associative memory [12] family of feedback neural architectures, with corresponding global stability theorems.

Dec 08, Badger rated it did not like it Shelves: In fuzzy logic, he introduced fuzzy cognitive maps[3] [4] fuzzy subsethood, [5] additive fuzzy systems, [6] fuzzy approximation theorems, [7] optimal fuzzy rules, [8] fuzzy associative memories, various neural-based adaptive fuzzy systems, [6] ratio measures of fuzziness, [5] the shape of fuzzy sets, [9] the conditional variance of kodko systems, [10] and the geometric view of finite fuzzy sets as points in hypercubes and its relationship to the ongoing debate of fuzziness versus probability.


Lists with This Book. Ein Auto parkt irgendwo auf dem Parkplatz aber fuzxy im Slot.

Kosko thinks it should and thinklng he also knows how. Jun 26, John Towery rated it really liked it. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Give it a pass. I sold my copy of the book. The concepts are presented clearly and precisely.

Jun 07, Meltha rated it it was ok Shelves: Eastern philosophy, however, emphasizes yin and yang, unity, and the need to consider the universe from several different perspectives at once – so Asia has been more open than the West to concepts such as fuzzy logic.

You can find better ones for free on the net. It is the challenge of juggling apparently conflicting concepts, several seemingly different truths, that makes fuzzy logic so controversial – and so potentially rewarding in all areas of life from the bedroom to the boardroom.

Oct 10, Thomas Whitney rated it liked it. In noiseKosko introduced the concept of adaptive stochastic resonance[13] using neural-like learning algorithms to find the optimal level of noise to add to many nonlinear systems to improve their performance.

He has also published short fiction and the cyber-thriller novel Nanotimeabout a possible World War III that takes place in two days of the year For example, when does life bagt Interesting book, but as noted in one other review here review, not particularly well written. Contents Shades of Gray. Besides, broadening math for its own sake is always valuable. Fuzzy logic, properly, is bar framework for expressing that mathematically precisely as math insistsand modeling it in software.

The New Science of Fuzzy Logic.

My library Help Advanced Book Search. While not a fuzzy activist, I recognized while reading that long ago I adopted mostly fuzzy thinking, meaning all things are relative.