The Behringer Super-X Pro CX is a fully versatile crossover that’s perfect for any professional live sound rig. The CX is capable of either 2-way or. High-Precision Stereo 2-Way/3-Way/Mono 4-Way Crossover with Limiters, .. The BEHRINGER SUPER-X PRO CX is a high-quality active crossover. The CX is an active frequency crossover enabling 2 or 3-way stereo or even 4-way mono operation. Each band features two 24 dB Linkwitz-Riley filters.

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Loudspeakers which we call transducers convert electrical signals into sound waves. The two-way stereo or three-way mono operation ensures that bass con CD Horn Compensation When a driver radiates into open space via a horn, its efficiency increases.

The Behringer CX has gold-plated X Connector Standard IEC receptacle. This unit is used, but shows very little signs of wear. Combining the bass cabinets to form a single cluster enables optimal efficiency and notably increased sound pressure level. See each listing for international shipping options and costs. You can’t do much bet Unit comes with power cord but no other cords or additional items. Skip to main content. ceossover


Behringer CX Super X Pro Crossover |

Browse Related Browse Related. Behringer Crossover Refine Results. That’s why high-quality sound systems use multiple speakers woofers and tweeters to spread out the work. Phase reverse switch for each output.

New York Sold by: This pre-EQ raises the signal gain by 3 dB at 3. Three and four-way systems distribute the work even more, allowing the individual transducers to reproduce the frequency range for which they were designed. This was straight out of the box and into the rack. While the woofer usually the larger transducer does all the heavy lifting, the tweeter can easily vx3400 the high-frequency content.

But if you are new to multi-way PA systems, here’s a brief overview. Divide and Conquer The CX provides three modes of operation: Sound Quality When a sound system is properly tuned, it becomes powerful, balanced and efficient.

Behringer Super-X Pro CX3400 Crossover

And no matter how well a transducer is designed or made, it simply cannot reproduce the entire audio spectrum all by itself. The Crodsover provides two modes of operation: The CX v2 is capable of either 2-way stereo or 3-way mono operation. The CX is capable of either 2-way or 3-way stereo, or 4-way mono operation.

Just bought a month ago to build up my small pa rack system. Over the past few years, constant-directivity horns have gained widespread popularity, since they are designed to supe-rx consistent dispersion over their entire frequency range — however, the higher the frequency, the lower the efficiency. Bass content is punchy and tight, with vocals and instruments that are rich, crisp and well defined. The CX also include All connections are clean and the pots work smoothly.


Very light cosmetic wear to unit.

Behringer CX3400 Super X Pro Crossover

Switchable 25Hz subsonic filter on each input for LF driver protection. Leave it to Super-X Pro. The CX provides three modes of operation: The CX V2 provides three modes of operation: The two-way stereo or three-way mono operation ensures that bass cont Also shop in Also shop in. This page was last updated: Includes standard IEC power cable.

I then decided to go with powered speakers with built-in crossovers so no need now.