La blefaroplastia inferior es la cirugía que busca la mejora del párpado inferior, Illustrated representation of a transconjunctival lower blepharoplasty. Many translated example sentences containing “blefaroplastia inferior” – English- Spanish de Párpados (Blefaroplastía) transconjuntival del párpado inferior. In the lower eyelids, we performed lower transconjunctival blepharoplasty Nas pálpebras inferiores, foi realizada blefaroplastia inferior transconjuntival.

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These are investigated and followed in the normal fashion for such conditions. View at Google Scholar M. Prolene is inert and ties cleanly, which is useful in closing a wound precisely. This patient has ptosis in his upper lids and excess fat pockets in his lower lids. Eyelid skin heals better than almost any other skin on the body; however, external eyelid wounds need to be placed symmetrically and closed meticulously to avoid asymmetry and scarring. Patients taking aspirin, anticoagulants, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents, vitamin E, gingko, and other herbal medications should stop them, if possible, up to 3 weeks preoperatively.

He had very prominent lower lid fat pockets which have progressively worsened over the past several years. Lower eyelid blepharoplasty, fat repositioning and chemical peel. Pure skin lack can be remedied by a full thickness skin graft. This gentleman desired to have his lower eyelids rejuvenated.

Zoumalan uses when performing a lower lid blepharoplasty.

Systemic osmotic agents mannitol and steroids are an adjunct but will not take the place of prompt pressure release. Lower lid blepharoplasty with fat repositioning and chemical pee. Laser resurfacing blefarolpastia carries a risk of hypopigmentation very rare in the eyelid skin and hyperpigmentation.

Bilateral upper lid blefaroppastia, upper and lower lid dermatochalasia excess skin and fat prolapse. Therefore, one needs to be gentle when freeing up the fat from the underlying levator or the levator can be damaged inadvertently. Early recognition and aggressive massage will eliminate the majority of cases.


Blefaroplastia del Párpado Inferior Archives –

Similarly, conjunctival chemosis caused by a transconjunctival incision and by drying related to lagophthalmos can cover the puncta, again leading to epiphora. This patient desired to have his lower lid bags i.

Minimally invasive blepharoplasty trannsconjuntival were used to carefully remove and reposition the fat. Recognizing that orbital haemorrhage with vision loss is a possible although rare complication from blepharoplasty surgery is important.

Inferkor to 24 hours, cantholysis and pressure release if the orbit is still tense and steroid treatment can be utilized. With an acute hemorrhage, intraorbital pressure rises abruptly, and the blood supply to the optic nerve is compromised. She is now one year out in this photo and shows an improved appearance to her lids and brows. Recognition is key, as is a rapid response. Ice water compresses should be utilized continuously for 3 days except when eating or sleeping.

You can read more about this type of blepharoplasty technique at the PDF link below at the end of this page. A minimally invasive approach was used through a transconjunctival approach to trim excess fat pockets and to reposition or redistribute her excess fat into her lower lid hollows. Hard palate mucosa is commonly utilized for the graft [ 14 — 19 ]. One of the signs of imminent damage to the muscle is excess bleeding. Lagophthalmos can increase reflex tear secretion, leading to relative epiphora.

If done in the plane of the lateral wall and in the plane of the levator aponeurosis and inferior rectus i.

BLEFAROPLASTIA INFERIOR by Ingrid Haubert on Prezi

Mild hyperpigmentation is relatively common at 4 weeks postresurfacing and will usually resolve spontaneously. Severe lower eyelid ectropion and retraction in a patient who underwent blepharoplasty elsewhere followed by several reparative attempts by the same surgeon. A posterior lamellar graft is then placed between the cut transconjuntiival edge of tarsal plate and trnsconjuntival recessed cut conjunctival edge.


Posttreatment admission to transcobjuntival is recommended, with close visual acuity monitoring, head elevation, ice water compresses, intravenous steroids until 24 hours of stable vision have been noted, as well as imaging with CT scanning. The patient desired to undergo upper and lower lid cosmetic blepharoplasty to improve her lower lid bags and also to remove her excess skin in her upper lids. With appropriate case selection, thorough discussion with surgical candidates, and careful surgical technique, most of these can be avoided.

This young patient underwent lower lid surgery to remove her lower lid fat pockets and dark circles that made her appear tired. Upper and lower lid dermatochalasia, upper lid mild ptosis, mild upper lid ptosis, facial aging, and lower lid fat prolapse.

Eyelid bags

In the initial consultation, it is important for the surgeon to identify which unrealistic patients can be educated and operated on with confidence, hlefaroplastia which ones cannot [ 12 ]. Figure 1 shows an example of a patient with scar hypertrophy and dyspigmentation.

Other conditions such as ptosis, brow ptosis, entropion, ectropion, or eyelid retraction may also need to be corrected at the time inferiorr blepharoplasty is performed to ensure the best functional and aesthetic result.