Bookless In Baghdad – Kindle edition by Shashi Tharoor. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like. 6 Dec However, what emerges clearly from reading Bookless In Baghdad is Tharoor’s acute literary bent of mind. One is aware that he has constantly. – Buy Bookless in Baghdad book online at best prices in India on Read Bookless in Baghdad book reviews & author details and more at.

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The author covers a wide range of authors, ih India and abroad, and provides what he found in their writings, appreciating bagydad criticizing their work. I feel both authors have influenced Tharoor’s work: The essays are divided among five headings namely Inspirations, Reconsiderations, The literary life, Appropriations and Interrogations.

What an awesome way of answering his so- called ‘critics’! He kept me engrossed for hours together and by the end of the day, I was craddling it in my arms as I slept.

He started very early.

But I’m a big fan of the guy and may end up reading more of his books. Also, for those who have read bookpess earlier books like Riot, Show Business and The Great Indian Novel, there’s a great deal about them here, where Tharoor explains the themes he tried to tackle and even puts up a spirited hookless for one of his books that was not well-reviewed in India.

He remarks ruefully that India has translations of Goethe, Garcia-Marquez and Kundera but no publisher has bothered to bring Pushkin to us in English or another Indian language. Ni his resignation as Minister of State for External Affairs, he began a fortnightly column on foreign policy issues in the “Deccan Chronicle”. What ‘Bookless in Baghdad’ does beyond being a collection of articles is, it provides a better view of Tharoor’s literary canvas.


Many things come to light in this chapter. His bits on book reviews was a thoughtful read too. Retrieved from ” https: But I baghfad touch on points that I think will make you want to read this.

The Summing Up: Shashi Tharoor’s Bookless In Baghdad

Some of all this is enjoyable but quite a lot is a tad boring, especially when he starts sprinkling anecdotes from his St. Some of his essays on his various visits to literary festivals The only good thing that probably came out of reading this book is that I want to pick up some of the other better received books he has written.

He himself mentions it more than a dozen times saying his literary pursuits are as important to him as his erstwhile role at the UN. This section of the book, titled Reconsiderationsmakes the book. His criticism of R.

As a public figure, there have been quite a lot of criticism about him and his personal as well as political life.

Looks interesting, and a suitable introduction for a layman par excellence. Something about his writing was intriguing. Narayan, and his defense against the allegations of elitism, are very much capable of being empathized with. This book of Mr.


This book is for people who are not quick to form judgement and savour the various facts and puns that spring forth from the pages of a book. Tharoor is a very well read man and at times one wonders if the point of this book is just to ensure that everyone is very well aware of that fact. The kind who derive infinite joy discovering new words and phrases. Other books by the Author: This was the first time I read any of Shashi Tharoor’s work.


Though I have no intentions to support or reject him on his thesis about such affairs, I think such topics had better be off a book that promises to be collection of writings about readings. He expounds on topics like literary criticism and reviewing patterns.

Education based on misinterpreted Qurans in Madrasas run by zealots with vested interests is the most sure-fire way of producing terrorists. Tharoor doesn’t believe so.

The last one I read was the one by orhan pamuk. Overall, you can’t help but pity Tharoor as you finish this book, that such a well read man, highly successful at the UN, but still ended up tangling himself in corruption scandals and getting sacked from a ministerial job, and now living in disgrace, god-alone-knows-where with a trophy wife.

After reading on the jacket booklss this is another compilation of his articles written f Having read numerous newspaper articles of shashi tharoor along with a compilation of the same in the elephant the tiger and the cellphone I thought I had become fairly acquainted with his views on everything remotely related to him and to his mother land.

It is likely to contain more self-indulgent tripe.