A lot of people ware waiting for the new book of Borodin, “Final Curtain”, translated into English, especially after reading his book “Sheherazad”. In this book, for the first time, Borodin reveals parts of his performing FINAL CURTAIN is a chamber of mental treasures that will be difficult to put down, once . Beinhaltet die deutsche Version von Final Curtain und noch viel mehr. Borodin and I decided that we wanted to preserve the format of Sheherazade in the.

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Very impractical for the average performer. Mar 10, Here it is again: Final Curtain is the logical sequel to Borodin’s Sheherazade. It contains 24 routines in 4 chapters — each routine is explained how the spectators experience it, then you will be told boroin secret behind the performance.

[PDF] Final Curtain by Borodin – Free Download PDF

Viking Magic is also carrying it on their website. Think outside the box, cos people are all thinking inside now!! Mar 9, After all the hype I purchased this book and greatly disappointed.

In this story the face of the magician changes into a skeleton face, cutrain in front of the spectators. Must require electronic knowledge – does not give any diagrams or construction details. It has pages of material. And more stories and ideas and inspiration. He shows you stuff from how to animate a dead dove, to book tests, kurotsuke, some spirit mentalism.

I haven’t seen it elsewhere and Murphy’s doesn’t find it in their search. I could never pull off long stories like my friend Clifford or many others in this topic.


Showing the Most Helpful Newest. I will buy this book next especially because it probably won’t be in print much longer! Funny thing is the one I like most is the shortest with a prop readilly available or VERY easy to make.

Each routine comes with a full story. Customer Reviews showing 1 – of 1. Another thing is, that for the ghost stories in the first chapter you need complicated devices — Borodin has made most of them to fit his special needs to make the magic vurtain. I’ll let others judge the book and contents.

Hopefully this will be changed in the english translation. See a site map. Borosin, if its by Borodin – its gonna be great! Congratulations to both of you for this exquisite work.

Andre Hagen Inner circle Posts. Using the story element in Mentalism really interests me.

Final Curtain by Borodin

View our Frequent Questions. But will you perform them? I’ve had the advantage of actually seeing some of these props — sometimes in the developmental stages, sometimes in actual performance. Risetti New user 30 Posts. But if you have a friend who is a taxidermist — hey, there you go! The description and the reviews convinced me that if I were to only buy five books on mentalism, this would be on the list.

With the help of the performer, his ghost is summoned in a wooden box,and he proves his existence by showing some of his old habits. I have all 3 of the books you mention and they will most likely be in my possession when I die. Even if one never performs them – how can a bizarrist not own it from a collector’s stance oh yeah – my VISA bill is mighty ugly Some are very spooky, others humorous, still others, spiritually uplifting.


Also quick question – for a mentalist who isn’t a bizzarist, will the material still be very useful and useable a. But you will see that these devices are not easy to produce if you want to perform these miracles. But it is a dandy story for someone who has that kind of personality. I understand Punx was not only a mentalist, but a magician, so I’m hoping there is mentalism in Once Upon a Time, even if not exclusively so.

Final Curtain by Borodin on eBay – The Genii Forum

And there is some excellent mental magic fijal well. If you can tell a story, then you really have got the whole thing wired. The secrets here have been carefully guarded.

The book should be delivered tomorrow afternoon. I receive my book this morning and couldn’t crutain to read it from cover to cover. There are very few books which actually qualify as Desert island books for the bizzarist. It is an excellent choice for the experienced story teller or the neophyte.