Caressed By Ice (Psy-Changelings, Book 3) [Nalini Singh] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Brenna, a she-wolf Psy, was abducted by a . Caressed By Ice. Nalini Singh. Buy This Book. What is it about emotionally distant men that make my inner heroine stand up and take notice?. This is the thread where you can freely discuss Caressed By Ice and the previous books in the Psy/Changeling series. *SPOILERS* allowed, so.

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Rubbing hands in anticipation.

She was moving almost before her feet hit the ground. I think Kiss of Snow is my favorite. Blaze of Memory, 7. I am definitely going to continue with the series, and have to make myself not binge-read it, which is not easy: It is so unique and offers many potential conflicts You make me feel safe. And then, there’s still Hawke’s story to come. View all 24 comments.

He understood why Brenna had needed to talk to Dorian. I absolutely loved the intensity between them. I like the strong alpha personalities. After Judd broke Silence, Walker mentioned the color sparks from Toby’s mind. Brenna jerked to a stop, chest heaving and eyes surprised. Hawke is not that much older than Sienna. She was mentally raped and ready to move forward with her life. Come on, let me put something on it.


A hundred feet down a second tunnel, they were joined by Indigo and a couple of others. I don’t think he could be since Nikita suspects him of being a serial killer like Enrique since that was his mentor. The man liked to be in control. CBI is my favourite of the series so far. This series continue to be my absolute favorite. The bit at the end of CBI is not enough! His history is so tragic, I just need for him to get his HEA, now. I loved the character from the start.

What if Hawke’s mate was abducted by the Psy all those years ago and he finds that out and tries to rescue her? These stories are pure gold.

This series just continues in strength and brilliance. His mind went over the murder scene one more time.

Caressed by Ice Quotes

I loved that they accepted each other for the people they were and not who they wanted the other to be. I’m going to start offering up bribes soon, I think.

Each books are a standalone, but to be honest the storyline is so complicated, I highly suggest you read them in order. I find that part of the books very interesting. Shoving a hand through his hair, Tai turned to Brenna. NS made me fall in love with their characters like I fell in love with every other character she has ever invented.

Review: Caressed by Ice by Nalini Singh

Especially when he is jealous and he does not want to admit it. She threw a curve ball, and it worked so hard! Amazing I tell you. The final deciding factor was that Santano Enrique was most definitely dead—Judd had witnessed the other Psy being torn to pieces by wolf and leopard claws. I want more, more. Judd Lauren is a Psy, his powers so destructive that he believes all he is, and will ever be is a killer.


It will be an interesting journey to see if the heart can outwit the mind. Visions of Heat 3.

How tall do you think he is? They called him the Man of Ice, but where Brenna was concerned, he was anything but. No, it’s not too soon to read it again.

He was dumped here. There is something to be said about good old school Paranormal Romance!!!

Caressed by Ice (Psy-Changeling #3) by Nalini Singh

Judd has to figure out a way to deprogram his training so he can be the mate that Brenna needs. Nice to read the blog and fantasizing about how the stories are going on! If she needed touch, so be it. Judd had spent enough time with her to know that she would hate having lost control in front of everyone.