A methanol extract of the dried leaves of Chasmanthera dependens was investigated for anti-inflammatory and analgesic activities. The extract ( mg/kg. Chasmanthera dependens. Conservatoire et Jardin botaniques de la Villle de Genève and South African National Biodiversity Institute, Pretoria. Abstract An assessment of the antimicrobial properties of extracts from the stem of Chasmantera dependens, the leaves of Emilia coccinea and the whole plant.

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Chasmanthera dependens 1, part of male flowering branch; 2, male flower; 3, drupelet. The lipids and pigments constitute the chasmaanthera fraction. Before the advent of orthodox medicine, plants were largely the sources of medications for diseases.

The bark is chewed as a remedy for venereal discharges or as a general tonic for physical or nervous weakness in inflammatory and exhausting diseases. The butanol fraction from the stem of C. It was inactive against E. vependens

West African Plants – A Photo Guide – Chasmanthera dependens Hochst.

In DR Congo the leaf sap is applied as first aid to stop bleeding of wounds. Causes of low productivity of cocoa in Ghana: The useful plants of West Tropical Africa. Methanol extracts of the dried leaves have shown significant analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects.


Not Tested Table 2: Zhongguo Zhongyao Zazhi, The ethyl acetate fractions of C. Typical uses of Chasmanthera dependens Special features: Flowers unisexual, regular; pedicel 3—6 mm long; sepals 6—9, 3 outer sepals lanceolate, up to 2 mm long, bract-like, hairy, inner sepals obovate, 2.

Cuscuta australis, commonly known as dodder, is a parasitic plant and belongs to the Convolvulaceae family. The ethyl acetate fraction from the stem of C.

Chasmanthera dependens – Plant

In the study hereby reported, extracts of various polarities were obtained from the stem of C. Chasmanthera dependens male flowering stem.

Cchasmanthera login and add your comments. Plant where they will receive a minimum of 5 to 6 hours of full sun per day. Tropical Plants Database, Ken Fern.

Study on flavonoids of Cuscuta australis R. Summer mulch helps retain moisture, keeps roots cool and discourages weeds. Tertiary phenolic alkaloids from Chasmanthera dependens. Phytochemical investigation of the stem led to the isolation of quaternary alkaloids, non-phenolic alkaloids Ohiri et al.

Chasmanthera dependens Images – Useful Tropical Plants

Ethanol extracts and crude water extracts of the roots showed significant antifungal activity against Aspergillus flavus, Aspergillus fumigatus, Aspergillus niger, Candida albicans, Microsporum audonii, Trichoderma viride and Trichophyton mentagrophytes.

It is found growing in cocoa plantations and is sometimes believed to reduce yields. Monographie des Menispermaceae africaines. Climbing plant, growing into the surrounding vegetation Photograph by: A decoction of pounded roots mixed with leaves of Tagetes sp. Water deeply and regularly mornings are best. It is commonly planted in home gardens, e. In West Africa Chasmanthera dependens is sometimes cultivated as a medicinal plant, mainly in home gardens.

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Adenipekun for supervising the antimicrobial screening. Chasmanthera dependens opened fruit with seed. Inflorescence a pendulous, axillary raceme or false raceme; male inflorescence a false raceme 10—30 cm long, composed of 3—5-flowered clusters; female inflorescence a raceme 10—18 cm long; bracts filiform, persistent.

The leaf sap is applied as first aid to stop the bleeding of wounds[ Title Protabase – Plant Resources of Tropical Africa. Journal of Natural Remedies 3 1: Hamdard Medicus 45 3: Several of these alkaloids were chxsmanthera extracted from other species chaxmanthera were found to have interesting pharmacological effects.

Citation in news articles. In Kenya the stem is roasted and eaten to treat convulsions in infants.

West African Plants

Citation in web searches. A decoction of the pounded roots, combined with the leaves of Tagetes spp. There was no activity against C.

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