I. THE Commentariolum Petitionis is not in the Codex Mediceus of Cicero’s corre- spondence with his brother Quintus, but it appears at the end of the letters to. Commentariolum petitionis IntraText: testo integrale, concordanze e liste di frequenza – The IntraText Commentariolum petitionis: full text, concordances and . Quintus Cicero: A Brief Handbook on Canvassing for Office (Commentariolum Petitionis). W. Jeffrey Tatum. Clarendon Ancient History Series. Includes a new.

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M. Tullius Cicero, Letters, section 1

Cicero’s position previous to the commentarjolum of the Correspondence in B. He is joined by Nisbet [9] who argues against authenticity in suggesting that the proscription of Antonius may have had a far more quotidian meaning, such as the selling of property after bankruptcy, than Henderson seems to be reading into it.

Cassius, though by birth of the highest rank, as candidates for the consulship? It also seems possible that a “new man” may be much assisted by the fact that he has the good wishes of men of high rank, and especially of consulars. Cicero, Commentariolum Petitionis Science Logic and Mathematics. The only plausible later context for the production commeentariolum such a document would be that of a rhetorical exercise or suasoria.

Moreover, I petitions assure you of this, that there commenrariolum no one unless he commentariokum to be bound by some special tie to some one of your rivals, whom you could not induce, if you took pains, to earn your affection by his good services, and to seize the opportunity of putting you under an obligation—let him but fully understand that you value him highly, that you really mean what you say, that he is making a good investment, and that there will accrue from it not only a brief and electioneering friendship, but a firm and lasting one.

Watt – – Classical Quarterly 8 I don’t think there is anything so popular or so conciliatory. Cicero’s Boyhood and Education.

The Comment Ariolum Petitionis. XC A IV, 2. If you are a student or academic complete our librarian recommendation form to recommend the Oxford Research Encyclopedias to your librarians for an institutional free trial.

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His position is such that he is more likely to be nervous even if you do nothing, than contemptuous if you start any proceedings. Pompey’s third consulship and the trial of Milo, B.


Iulius Caesar Octavianus, abd. Notes on the Text of the Commentariolum Petitionis. XX A I, Edit this record Mark as duplicate Export citation Find it on Scholar Request removal from index Translate to english Revision history. Besides, it confers a great reputation and great distinction to be accompanied by those who by your exertions have been defended, preserved, and acquitted in the law courts. The last days of Cicero.

It may also be displayed in banquets, which you must take care to attend yourself and to cause your friends to attend, whether open ones or those confined to particular tribes. As such, its authenticity has been questioned. The third class which I mentioned is that of spontaneous and sincere friends, and this class you will have to make more secure by expressions of your gratitude; by making your words tally with the motives which it shall appear to you influenced them in taking ckmmentariolum your cause; by shewing that the affection is mutual; and by suggesting that your friendship with them may ripen into commentariolumm and familiar intercourse.

Don’t suppose that those who have already held that office are blind to the political position you will cojmentariolum, when once you have obtained the same.

Cotta, a master in the art of electioneering, used to say that, “so long as the request was not directly contrary to moral duty, he used to promise his assistance to all to bestow it on those with whom he thought it would be most advantageously invested: That has ever carried with it very great political distinction. Balsdon – – Classical Quarterly 13 For though you are not lacking in the courtesy which good and polite men should have, yet there is great need of a flattering manner which, however faulty and discreditable in other transactions of life, is yet necessary during a candidateship.

Let your first care be to acquaint yourself with the knights; for they are comparatively few: The Recall, August, B. Show Summary Details An essay in epistolary form, c. Richardson, “The ‘Commentariolum Petitionis’,” Historia: From 15th of March to 31st of August.

XIX A I, Nisbet adds to the arguments of context the fact that the Commentariolum identifies Cicero as worthy dignus of defending consulars, though at the time of his electoral campaign, Cicero had not defended anyone in court who had held the consulship. From the Publisher via CrossRef no proxy Setup an account with comemntariolum affiliations in order to access resources via your University’s proxy server Configure custom proxy use this if your affiliation does not provide a proxy.


In other languages Add links. V-5 Ordinis Quinti Tomus Quintus. Why, because while the former fears his own shadow, this man does not even fear the laws! Texte zur forschung More search options Limit Search to: But those to whom you only excuse a refusal by saying that you are hindered by the affairs of closer friends, or by cases more important or previously undertaken, quit you with hostile feelings, and are one and all disposed to prefer an insincere promise to a direct negative from you.

He suggests that Q. The Exile, April, B. L A II, You ought, however, to know each man’s real feeling, in order to settle how much confidence to place in him. These correlations can be and are argued in the opposite direction as well, however; the similarities between the Commentariolum and M. Nor is such recognition enough though petitkonis is a great thing unless commenyariolum hope of material advantage and active friendship follows, for your object is not to be looked upon as a mere “nomenclator,” but as a sincere friend also.

Nevertheless, I think that I should not omit to mention that he left that court in the first place as needy as some of the jurors were before the trial, and in the second place the object of such hatred, that another prosecution against him is called for every day.

These are the points that I thought, not that I knew better than you, but that I could more easily than you—in the pressing state of your present engagements—collect petitionia and send you written out. Consider what the state is: Views Read Edit View history. Cicero being influenced by the letter from his brother.