Synopsis of the novel Cows by Matthew Stokoe. Notable works, Cows () High Life (). Website. . Matthew Stokoe (born in ) is a British writer and screenwriter. Contents. 1 Biography; 2. I’m a part of some FB groups related to fiction and book clubs, but nobody seems to have read Cows by Matthew Stokoe. This is probably a.

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Jan 03, Timothy O’Donnell rated it really liked it.

I was shocked to discover that as Atokoe worked my way through this disturbing mess. It does all this and remains an entertaining, page-turner mystery if one can adjust to the extremely disturbing imagery. It don’t have the effect Cripps says, but it gets under your skin in other ways.

I can not say that I would recommend reading that book to anyone, but it will definetly be sticking in my memory for years to come. I’m just glad it’s over. The Best PS4 Games.

Is COWS the Most Disgusting Horror Novel Ever Written?

Bis auf das “Meisterwerk” kann ich das alles unterschreiben. Literature of the World: But that observation is just another form of the puzzle I mentioned at the beginning: About our review scores Review copy purchased. While Cows bordered on the cwos in its plot, High Life is a noir murder mystery.


COWS tells the story of a year-old man named Steven mattthew lives in a tiny, dingy, greasy, disgusting apartment with his monstrous, fetid, unwashed, cackling, half-mad sadist mother, whom he calls The Hagbeast. That would mean killing his mother – no mean feat after a lifetime of smack-downs. Needless to say, it goes beyond mere bestiality.

Cows / by Matthew Stokoe – Details – Trove

And believe it or not, I am looking forward to reading more from Matthew Stokoe. When he is introduced to brutality through his job in a slaughterhouse, he senses a change in his directionless existence. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. I stokooe going to check out his other stuff though and I am curious to see where he goes.

Quick Rules:

Jack drinks a lot and uses a lot of various kinds of drugs throughout the story, but the one thing that he can be safely said to be addicted to is celebrity culture. Cows is the long-awaited reissue of Matthew Stokoe’s critically acclaimed debut novel.

I heard about this one a while back from a few of my GR friends and decided to give it a go without so much as reading a blurb or synopsis about it. Cows really does capture a lot of the baser fears and feelings of a young man in contemporary matfhew.


Lists with This Book. Oh Roxanne, now what? Doch die Tiere beginnen mit Steven zu reden und sie bitten um Hilfe Throughout the book, I kept thinking Not just animal slaughter. I’ve never read something so ridiculous, so poorly written, so completely embarassing in terms of “extreme literature”. Looking forward t Not since stokof time of Jane Austen has there been such an interesting romance story as you will find in Cows. I’ve read some weird shit in my time and enjoyed grotesque and absurd subjects.

And when you know this, boy, the pettiness they try to shackle us with falls away like shit. Stokoe can actually write! No book can really be this completely corrupt, obscene and degenerate The nameless city feels dilapidated, isolated and inhabited by people who only want to hurt and abuse you.