Die Wand von Marlen Haushofer ist ein grosser Bericht, dessen äusserste Einfachheit klassisches Mass erreicht. Man kann ihn einreihen unter die Meisterwerke. The Wall | Marlen Haushofer, Shaun Whiteside | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon. Die Wand (German Edition) [Marlen Haushofer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Rare Book.

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It shows what happens to a person’s mind when they are utterly cut off from all human contact and how it comes down to a person’s will to survive. A transparent yet impassable wall through it she can see households in t I can allow myself to write the truth; all the people for haushocer I have lied throughout my life are dead. At the end of the edition I purchased, the director of the film says that The Wall hashofer supposedly a perfect representation of depression.

As always on such occasions I followed him in the end. I look at that read book pile once in a while and try to remember which books I liked and which were my favourite scenes and passages. Die Geschichte klang einfach zu gut: Danach muss ich erkennen, dass offenbar vieles von dem, was in diesem Buch berichtet wird, autobiografisch angehaucht sein muss.

I am planning to read it again later this year. A dog, a cat and a cow become her only consolation, her reason for living. Goodreads, you are brilliant!

Die Wand (German Edition): Marlen Haushofer: : Books

Nur wir sind dazu verurteilt, einer Bedeutung nachzujagen, die es nicht geben kann. Everything equally calm and apparently not alive. The inner and outer world is melting together and raises the question whether the wall really exists in a physical form or as an opportunity for the woman’s haushpfer development. The things our narrator thought were so important turn out to be not important at all, such as appearance.


What does this mean? The Wall is tackling different issues of human life, is much more emotional than heavy on a dramatical story, it’s more existential than The Dome Thanks for telling us about the problem.

It is curiously at once both a wide open text and an intensely narrow, claustrophobic one. Awful as they are, you are not alone. This question is never answered, just as the reason for the sudden extinguishing of all life some two years before is never given. Kidoh Maybe, or maybe not. But, once in a blue moon a book haushoefr along which resists that move. With a dog, a cow, and a cat di her sole companions, she struggles to survive and to come to terms with the situation.

One morning she spots a white crow, seemingly ostracized by her black brethren. Published November 16th by Cleis Press first published The lack of confidence when it comes to civilisation and the thought of the world as fragile can be explained through her witness of a downfall of a society.

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Maybe people are more deserving of pity, because they have just enough intelligence to resist the natural course of things. In the coming weeks, the woman grows tired and dreams of succumbing to the deadening snow. In an attempt to find out what had happened, she uses binoculars to look for other people. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Was it a devilish military experiment that went out of control? She can grow potatoes insert space here for snarky comparisons to The Martian etc and shoot deer, so she won’t starve, but gradually loneliness, back-breaking physical exertion and the inability of that big Homo Sapiens brain to not keep spinning begins to I will leave you with some of my favourite passages in the book.


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You will be moved and you will be changed by this book. Imagine, you are alone in the world, and there are evidently no other fellow humans around. I have always considered the cyclamen a strange and rather frightening flower. The novel takes the form of a report that the woman, who remains unnamed, writes after two years of living alone in her encapsulated forest.


On the other side of the wall is a man, frozen in mid-motion. On the other hand she sees herself as having become a more clear-sighted person.

She tell us, on the first page: While they go into town on the first afternoon, the woman stays behind with Hugo’s bloodhound Wnd. My novel is completed in its first draft.

And life in the forest was a constant temptation to him. She thinks thoughts usually only reserved for philosophers almost always male in literary representation. I am writing on my novel and everything is very cumbersome because I never have much time aand, mainly, because I can not embarrass myself.

She spends years caring for the haushofre, learning to grow food and care for herself, and writing a diary about her experiences. One, a single one, she would like to unite with another white one…. Quotes from The Wall. The nameless character feels compelled to leave her story in case, somehow, people in the future will find it and know of her experience.

Why does she write?