Would anyone mind sharing Distressed Debt Analysis by Moyer with me. Distressed debt analysis: strategies for speculative investors- By Stephen G. Moyer. Distressed Debt Analysis. Strategies for Speculative Investors. By Stephen G. Moyer. Hardcover, 6×9, pages. ISBN: November Stephen G. Moyer. · Rating details · ratings · 6 reviews. Providing theoretical and practical insight, Distressed Debt Analysis: Strategies for Speculative.

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Strategies for Speculative Investors presents a conceptual, but not overly technical, outline of the financial and bankruptcy law context in which restructurings take place.

Trivia About Distressed Debt A There are a few notable strengths of this book. But the author actually is quite prescient in understanding that while these specific circumstances are not the norm, the lessons are applicable across time.

Investment Banking Interview Questions. As a new user, you get over WSO Credits free, so you can reward or punish any content you deem worthy dostressed away.

It moyre perfect for financial analysts, portfolio managers, bankruptcy departments of law firms, restructuring advisory groups, turnaround consulting firms, and reorganization and distressed securities departments mmoyer investment banks. Sep 17, – Benson Lee rated it really liked it May 19, OFF Resources See all. The book is now about a decade old, and it was written with the dot com busts freshly in mind, so some of the examples look nothing like anything distressee.

Consequences after being caught cheating Hello, I am not proud of what I have done but I think the US academic pushed me to focus too much on academics rather than the actual content.


Sep 21, – 8: Post-Reorganization Considerations show more. Jan 23, – 8: Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of Distressed Debt Desk Analyst a link to Moyer’s book?

It’s not mine lol, it’s from csinvesting. He is a recognized speaker and writer on the subject of distressed securities and a frequent lecturer at industry events and graduate business programs. Credit hedge fund interview seen on here that everyone recommends Moyer’s distressed book but wasn’t sure if it really Moyer Moyer- distressed debt Question for Distressed Debt folks about a concept introduced in Moyer’s book Distressed Debt- Moyer distressed debt analysis moyer and then?

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Distressed Debt Analysis

The book distressfd the broader financial environment of the reorganization and the basic process of investment analysis and investment strategies. Ryan rated it really liked it Jan 18, I’m currently looking into joining a distressed credit trading group and could really use this book Hedge Fund Pitch Template. Table of contents 1. This book is apparently a must read for distressed debt investors.

My knowledge of bankruptcy has been largely based on classroom learning. Be the first to review this product. It is perfect for financial analysts, portfolio managers, bankruptcy departments of law firms, restructuring advisory groups, turnaround consulting firms, and reorganization and distressed securities departments of investment banks.

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Investment Banking Interview Brainteasers. Jake G rated it liked it Nov 17, Maybe one of these topics can point you in the right direction:.


Book Review: “Distressed Debt Analysis” By Stephen Moyer – RogerDornInvest | Seeking Alpha

Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews. PM me with your email if you want the distressed debt PDF. Recognizing Companies in Financial Distress 8.

After reading it I could see why. Implementation of the Workout Plan Obviously the specific fact patterns of any bankruptcy will highly impact how it plays out, and it is exceedingly hard to generalize. This book is also available for eebt. Or maybe the following users have something to say: Strategies for Speculative Investors addresses the analysi knowledge needs of investors and professionals in the burgeoning world of financially distressed companies.

I keep getting “invitation is for a different user”. As such, he does a great job knowing what topics are important, and how in-depth he needs to go into them.

As my inbox is atephen with requests for this, here you go again: To ask other readers questions about Distressed Debt Analysisplease sign up. Tim Leung rated it really liked it May 06, A high level overview of a complex segment of the market, but concisely presented into a number of key principles for the distressed investor.