Forbidden Love [Norma Khouri] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. But Norma Khouri is a fake, and so is Forbidden Love. With Australian sales approaching ,, the book told of her lifelong friendship with a. Norma Khouri, author of the best-selling book,. Forbidden Love, was revealed as a literary hoax. Now, as a new documentary about. Norma premieres in.

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Instead, they arrested her mother-in-law, Zoi Toliopoulos, for “theft by deception in that she assisted her daughter-in-law [Khouri] in deceiving an year-old victim by having victim sign over her money”.

I khourk the book because it was the catalyst for me to look into Jordanian culture and history. Later it became known that the author lied about it.

Honor Lost: Love And Death In Modern Day Jordan

And lying in the name of literature is unacceptable. To see what forvidden friends thought of this book, please sign up. T his book soon became best seller nonfiction book and people condemned what has happened in Dalia and other women there who became victims of this kind of action. Norma’s promise in death to Dalia was to tell her story to the world and to kuouri a death that was utterly inconceivable and wrong.

This novel is not very good. But questions weren’t about whether the protagonist was real because I know there are plenty of women who have, and are facing gender-based violence.

Bestseller on honour killing ‘is a fake’

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I happen to be re-reading The Far Pavilions at the moment. A police investigator wrote: I’m a Muslim girl living in Jordan, this kinda stuff happens, but no more than few cases a year, we do not live in constant fear of being kill because we love, you cannot generalize the whole Jordanian community to be murderous just because some crazy person decides to kill This book is just one big fat lie.

It is a very controversial book in the eyes of most educated Jordanians.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Lists with This Book. Forbidden Love called Honour Lost in the United States is a book written by Norma Khouripurporting to tell a true story about her best friend in Jordan.


And it’s sad how there are many fake memoirs out there because it’s very disappointing once you’ve emotionally invested in the characters and then you’ve found out that the author has lied to you. Although the lovers are only able to be alone together on a handful of occasions and Dalia’s virginity lov intact, her father is so enraged when he hears of the affair from her older brother that he kills her two months after her twenty-sixth birthday.

Bestseller on honour killing ‘is a fake’ | World news | The Guardian

May 26, Santina rated it really liked it Recommends it for: I did arrive to this conclusion during my forrbidden experience with it, as I rorbidden in 10th grade, and simply too enthralled with how unique this book was amongst the bland, and frankly white-washed titles we had in school. The woman in the muslin mask: Thanks to GR I discovered this “fact” when I was about halfway through the book and this led to my decision to abandon it.

People are missing out the point of the book. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This book is just one big fat lie.

I did it all. Refresh and try again. T his is a story about Jordanian girl named Dalia, born and brought up in a very stoned Muslim family in Jordan; the Author claimed that she was Dalia best friend. A stark reminder of how love can easily sweep one off their feet, forgetting the religious boundaries.

But they were deeply in love, and with the help of Dalia’s lifelong friend, Norma, with whom she ran a hair salon, they went to extraordinary lengths to meet in secret.

No eBook available Amazon. She signed Mrs Baravikas’s house into forbidedn own name, and then borrowed against it. Australia has a long tradition of literary hoaxes. Want to Read saving…. This is the story of an Honor Killing of an innocent woman. Furthermore, while Muslim women do have to wear a scarf, and may have certain “rules” set as far as interaction with the opposite sex that are not family members, they do not have to wear the full garb, and are still given the freedom to leave the house without a male escort.


This book is thinly veiled Islamophobic propaganda. I honestly flrbidden know how to rate this book. Fortunately, I still get the same impression as I did a few years ago when first reading it. While their story is not new or unheard of, it is poignant and told with compassionate familial memories.

At least one of those publishers, Random House UK, has announced it will sue her to recover its money. I’m a proud practicing Muslim but there is nowhere to be found that Islam supports and kind of honor killing or to shed love for the sake of pride. The book says that Dalia, a Muslim became friends with Khouri, a Catholic, and went on to start a hairdressing business, where, inshe met a client called Michael, a Christian army officer. If I talk, I would need to disappear. The only thing that I disliked about the book was that the back of the book was a spoiler.

She describes the murderers getting bail, which is not part of Jordanian law. Khouri claimed that as a result, she had been forced to seek asylum in QueenslandAustralia. A year after publication, it was discovered that Khouri had fabricated the tale and that the story was fictional. But there is no record of her ever being there. After posting my review, I’ve read about this author as presenting the story as factual, when in reality it is fiction. Ultimately, we are, as human beings, compelled by the bonds of decency and ethical treatment which implore us to be united against this savagery.

That’s why I rated it 1 star, I hesitate to recommend this to anyone else because of the shadow it casts on a society. Why on earth couldn’t Norma Khouri simply admit her book is a romantic fiction? It will be interesting to contrast it with other memoirs. Mr Closterides eventually went to the house, and found year-old Mrs Baravikas living there.

Dalia’s beloved friend, Norma, helped the two of them to meet and talk, while their love story grew.