This is due to the fact that large parts of the Gentoo Handbook use installation source text that is shared for all architectures (to avoid. The Security handbook is a step-by-step guide for hardening Gentoo Linux. Find the individual parts below or view the all-in-one-page Security. Gentoo Linux x86 Handbuch: Arbeiten mit Gentoo version of the page Handbook:X86/Full/Working and the translation is % complete.

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To create a filesystem on a partition or volume, there are user space utilities available for each possible filesystem. If this suffices and the reader going the GPT route they can immediately jump to Default: Please take this opportunity to install a DHCP client.

In diesem Fall verwenden Sie:. The root Linux account is an all-powerful account, so pick a strong password.

Be sure to verify the CPU’s architecture before moving onward. Gengoo is an excellent option for the majority of installations because it provides a great amount of flexibility for customization in the future.

Suppose a system has two interfaces that are otherwise called eth0 and eth1. Those using environments with fully graphical web browsers will have no problem copying a stage file URL from the main website’s download section. Dies ist zu erwarten und kein Grund zur Sorge – das Tool wird das Verzeichnis anlegen.


This isn’t always the case though, so results may vary. Next, copy the Gentoo repository configuration file provided by Portage to the newly created repos. If not, then the wireless card might need to be unlocked through a button, switch or special key combination on the laptop. When downloading a tarball ending in.

Sometimes even stricter definitions are requested. Use the architecture-specific Handbooks found in the Handbook list. Use the mount command, but don’t forget to create the necessary mount directories for every partition created. To be able to access the system remotely after gentok, add the sshd init script to the default runlevel:. Keep other constructs, like bash-specific ones, out of the init scripts to ensure that the scripts remain functional regardless of the change Gentoo might do on its init system.

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There all available stage files are displayed they might be stored within subdirectories named after the individual sub-architectures.

This is also true for systems that do include a RTC, but have a failed battery. Most disks on the x86 or amd64 architectures are prepared using an msdos label. The vast majority of readers will never encounter bit UEFI firmware in the wild. Now go to File Systems and select genfoo for the filesystems you use.

CODE Update order used by env-update. Schauen Sie sich ruhig die Datei mit einem Texteditor oder mit dem cat -Befehl an. The reason for this is because every program is different.

Gentoo Linux amd64 Handbook: Installing Gentoo – Gentoo Wiki

Warnung Running emerge –depclean is a dangerous operation and should be handled with care. Diese Adresse ist zum Broadcasting eines Paketes an gentoi Computer gedacht, d. Verifizieren Sie dann die kryptografische Signatur der Datei. News items were created to provide a communication medium to push critical messages to users via the rsync tree.

For instance, to disable bzip2 support in PHP gentpo have it for all other packages through the USE flag declaration in make. Do not alter any make. In the vast majority of cases, it does a very good job.

Using efibootmgr is really for those who desire to take a minimalist although more rigid approach to booting their system; using GRUB2 see above is easier for the majority of users because it offers a flexible approach when booting UEFI systems. Those using environments with fully graphical web browsers will have no problem copying a stage file URL from the main website’s download section.


Readers who have no network or bandwidth restrictions can happily skip down to the next section. Btrfs takes more involvement than other filesystems making it not as friendly to beginners. Edit it to configure and select the right keyboard. In the above example, 6 interfaces are found. By using the same file for all self-managed variables, users have a quick overview on the variables they have defined themselves.

We ask our readers to search wiki and discover what is already available hancbuch requesting a new section or addition to be added to the Handbook. News items were created to gfntoo a communication medium to push critical messages to users via the rsync tree.

Setzen Sie die Installation mit der Konfiguration des Netzwerks fort.

The application that is selected for installation has a name that corresponds with more than one package. To save the partition layout and exit fdisktype genttoo.

Project:Handbook – Gentoo Wiki

For instance, to add the video statement to enable framebuffer:. For instance, ssl will compile SSL support in the programs that support it.

Die resultierende Datei kann einfach durch Auflisten der mit initramfs beginnenden Dateien gefunden werden:. This variable has the same function as PATHbut this one only lists the directories that should be checked when the root-user enters a command. The selection of a stage tarball will directly impact future system configuration and can save a headache handdbuch two later on down the line. Similarly it is possible to explicitly disable USE flags for a certain application.