Intacs for keratoconus treatment in New Jersey and NYC. Dr. Joseph Colin in France first conceived of the concept of using INTACS to treat patients with keratoconus and published his first report on the safety and. Am J Ophthalmol. Feb;(2) Epub Nov Long-term follow-up of Intacs in keratoconus. Kymionis GD(1), Siganos CS, Tsiklis NS.

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The humanitarian device regulations were first established in October Please note that during the production process errors may be discovered which could affect the content, and all legal disclaimers that apply to the journal pertain.

Intacs Surgery for Keratoconus

Well-designed, prospective, comparative studies are needed to establish accurate nomograms for ICRS implantation. As part of the HDE approval, Addition Technology, the manufacturer of Intacs, has implemented an extensive training program in which each surgeon will be required to participate.

Once this insertion is completed, the small opening in the cornea is closed with a kerwtoconus. Since the entry cut is vertical it can often initially be a bit tricky to advance the INTAC through the channel.

You will use eyedrops to avoid infection and inflammation for weeks. Preoperative corneal topography of patient prior to intacs insertion. A marker is then used to mark the 7mm optical zone as well as the entry site into the cornea, which in keratoconus is typically keraoconus. Changing practice patterns in refractive surgery: Besides being extremely quick and easy, there are other advantages of the intralase, these are: After your KC evaluation, Dr.

Our data analysis and research over the years has let us develop enhancements to the procedure.


As surgeons gain more experience, the size of the outer channel can kerztoconus reduced to increase effect if necessary. Acanthamoeba and fungal keratitis in a woman with a history of Intacs corneal implants. Combined Intacs and posterior chamber toric implantable Collamer lens implantation for keratoconic patients with extreme myopia.

Intrastromal Corneal Ring Segments (ICRS)

These include krratoconus Intacs size or position, adding supplemental procedures such as Conductive Keratoplasty CKand other techniques. The insertion is performed under topical anesthesia. Nine-year follow-up of intacs implantation for keratoconus. Rarely there can be persistent pain with no signs of infection this might be a sign of neuritis due to the INTAC keratovonus a corneal nerve During your followup examinations, we will determine if additional procedures may be beneficial.

Intacs Surgery for Keratoconus | KC Inserts Treatment

Conservative treatment of early and moderate pellucid marginal degeneration: It is up to the insurance company to determine the amount to be paid. Two semicircular tunnels are then created. Intacs Surgery Procedure This procedure involves placing the plastic inserts just beneath the surface of the eye in the periphery of the cornea.

This has completely changed my life! The upper limit of the steepest K reading should not exceed 58D, the patient should not have any scarring in the visual axis and the cornea should be at least um thick by ultrasonic pachymetry at the 7mm optical zone or over the area in which the INTACS are to be placed. Kdratoconus keratectomy for the correction of residual refractive error with Intacs intrastromal corneal ring segments in place.

INTACS inserts using the keratodonus laser compared to the mechanical spreader in the treatment of keratoconus. Before your procedure, Dr. The Academy uses cookies to analyze performance and provide relevant personalized content to users of our website. This is facilitated by intra-operative ultrasonic pachymetry.


Intacs are two small crescents of a contact lens-like material PMMA. Page Discussion View form View source History.

The dissector is rotated to create a tunnel. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider. Hersh will decide on a surgical plan designed to give you optimal results. Dr Cohen performed the Intacs procedure in Leratoconus Sometimes, one small suture is placed as well.

They have an optical zone of 6 mm and have a round design to minimize glare. Intacs for the correction of keratoconus: Intacs can also be used after other keratoconus procedures, such as corneal collagen crosslinking. Outside of the United States.

An antibiotic-corticosteroid eye drop are administered postoperatively for at least a week and more if necessary. Footnotes This is a PDF file of an unedited manuscript that has been accepted for publication. Topical anesthetic drops are keratocconus to numb the eye, keraotconus a clamp is used to hold the eye open throughout the procedure to prevent blinking. Refractive and topographic results of transepithelial cross-linking treatment in eyes with intacs.

Hersh will be able to discuss the goals of Intacs for you based on the severity of your problem. Implantation of Artisan toric phakic intraocular lens following Intacs in a patient with keratoconus.