Dr. Jonn Mumford (Swami Anandakapila Saraswati) wrote his first book His current books include “Ecstasy Through Tantra, “A Chakra and Kundalini. In the Infinite, there is ecstasy; There is no ecstasy in the finite. Chandogya Upanishad. IN ECSTASY THROUGH TANTRA, Dr. Jonn Mumford celebrates the . Ecstasy Through Tantra by John Mumford, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Full text of “Ecstasy Through Tantra Jonn Mumford”

This is the reason Lord Ganesha, the elephant- headed God of Wisdom in Hindu mythology, has as his helper a rat. It also contains the Tannic mystery of how one human can live on the “blood” of another. In dealing with language as a key for unlocking jlnn knowledge, I have developed a number of auxiliary principles, including the following: Mutual orgasm is brought about as slowly as pos- sible, allowing the consciousness of Radha and Krishna to freeze into transcendent immobility.

This linkage is inevitable, for we are all a mixture of such tendencies, throuth to express Eros physically implies both pain and surrender – a surrender of the self to an eternal moment beyond the ego.

In the end, Yoga, Tai Chi, Zen, etc. The practical work of the O.

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Now you and your lover can engage in specific sexual techniques and positions for ritual intercourse that will flood you with the overwhelming physical ecstasy which triggers expanded states of consciousness.

Apr 22, Mckinley rated it liked it Shelves: One possible translation of the Sanskrit prefix tan is “expand,” while tra means “liberate”; so Tantra becomes that which first “expands” and then “liber- ates” the mind. The “sexual” implications inherent in mysticism are emphasized for the enjoyment of those who are occult epicureans or gourmets of the esoteric. Orgasm is the only spontaneous, natural experience of a deathless, birthless, timeless, sorrowless dimension.


When we protect her health, we protect the health of the race. Mumford is a world renowned authority on Tantra and yoga.

This latter mumord is a tantric implication about the sensory outlet for Anahata: The word “sphincter” means a “knot” or a “band” and is derived from the same Greek base as “Sphinx,” the mythological beast epitomizing occult mysteries. It is only in cohabitation or sexual yoking that he finds “wholeness.

The Tantrist knows that two physiologically crucial moments occur in every human life, and the possibility of yhrough third such moment exists for the “thrice-blessed” woman. Algolagnia is sexual pleasure aroused by giving or receiving pain.

Even this can be dispensed with if the attitude toward each other’s body is profound worship in Old English, spelled tanttabased on the knowledge that the physical temple is truly “worthy” of adoration. Far greater minds than mine have acknowledged the truism that the relationship between mankind and the Absolute is either an analogue to, or a projection of, the sexual-emotional activity of human beings.

A graphic portrayal of the penis as an object of venera- tion is found in both Greek Dionysian and Hindu Shiva cults. Few modem occultists would agree with her simplistic viewpoint, hhrough it is the end sought, not the means used, which determines the shade of magic. I started to read this book and let me say the information is very interesting, however, this is a very hard read because it will give to a historical prospective. Certain schools of thought, peculiar to both civilizations, have always advocated an agamic existence as the ideal state for a select few.


Thereafter, the mouth is a source of comfort, so the weaned child sucks its thumb when nervous and, during the first years of school, instinc- tively chews on the end of a pencil when anxiously concen- trating.

The exoteric act of depositing semen within the vagina means that the physical and psychic properties of sperm are utilized to perpetuate the race physically, thus ensuring survival of the species.

The Indian rishi has always associated sexual activity jpnn the female, particularly the aspect personified in the worship of Shiva’s spouse in her varied guises as the blood- thirsty Kali, the warlike Durga, the lovely Uma and gentle Parvati.

Ecstasy Through Tantra

Sex magic is the art and science of utilizing sexual experience for the concrete materialization of desire and the expansion of the inner life.

Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions x x The two petals on either side of the circle are as wings to a world globe. Her name is Dakini and she is mistress of the skin – a hint that in a state of tantric arousal the entire dermal surface becomes one extended pulsating, psychic genital. Although not mentioned in classical texts, it throuh obvious that childbirth is another such peak period. No, it’s just another way of expressing the technology. Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of