20 Jul From Confessions: Memoirs of a Modern Seer by Cheiro. The name of ‘Cheiro’ instantly brings to the mind, knowledge and art of ‘Palmistry’. 15 May Everyone knows that “the face can wear a mask,” that a person may be a good actor and put on a certain expression that may deceive even the.

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When I was 8 years old, I was introduced to a person who shaped my future intellectual developments. Where he was occasionally swept by emotions and wept.

But I can confirm that newspaper articles ekro support significant details in your report. When the Line of Head is at the same time lying fairly straight across the palm, such individuals have an immense power over others, but their capabilities are always more distinctly shown if they should in any form go in for some kind of public life.

The skeptical Mark Twain wrote in Cheiro’s visitor’s book:.

William John Warner also known as Count Louis Hamon according to some sourcespopularly known as Cheiro November palmisry, — October 8,was an Irish astrologer and colorful occult figure of the early 20th century. As a teenager, he traveled to the Bombay port of Apollo Bunder. Some adherents to Cheiro numerology will prefer to live in places that correspond to their birth number, or only in properties where the registered address reduces to their birth number, and so on, in the quest for balance and positivity.

However, it proved too expensive for him and he had to stop its circulation after one year. However with the Cheiro system, there is a finer balancing act in terms of getting good answers. The difference in the observation of these two distinct classes of palmistrg, namely, those with the Line of Head joined but sloping, and the Line of Head joined and straight across the hand, has caused many exponents of this study to make great mistakes in the judgment of their subject.

French Actress Saarah Bernhardt. Consequently, if found long and clear, it would indicate a superior mental development in a coarse brutal or animal nature.

Her hands showed that she would be married within one year, lose husband in some mysterious way, would want to marry second time- but after repeated failures-to a man she liked. A boy ten years old may at that point commence a development which will not be felt until he is thirty, and then it may change his krro life and career.

His ability to foretell the fates of public figures and their families gave him much credibility amongst the rich and wealthy, and even the ruling classes. Cheiro preferred to meet people who did not reveal their names and status.


In he planned a professional tour of America. Cheiro was a very well known clairvoyant, astrologer, palm reader and numerologist, flourishing in the late 19th and early 20th century, and whose legacy remains strong to this day. Ker cannot imagine that someone who claims to have lived in India would confuse Hindus with Buddhists and Hinduism with Buddhism. This mark will denote that the subject has made a determined effort at that moment in his career to make his own destiny, and to break free from the circumstances or people that surround him or tie him down.

Cheiro was befriended with many women who were not satisfied with professional relationship and wanted it to extend it to an intimate one.

The result was an accurate account regarding of past, present and future events along with dates and years. The compound numbers those above 9 are where we start to see correspondences with higher mystical topics.

When all the fingers especially if the fingers be long are seen always clinging, sticking, as it were, or folding over one another it denotes very doubtful qualities in the nature of their possessor and a decided tendency towards thieving and general lack of moral principal.

Cheiro filed suit for the compensations to be paid to him but it is not clear that if he ever did get some compensation. These people are not self-sacrificing, like the previous type. If this class of Line of Head, however, go very far across the hand and straight on to the Mental Mount of Mars, it indicates an extremely strong-willed determined palmishry who has keeo power to hide his sensitiveness and nervousness and stake everything for what he believes his duty to carry out.

Palmistry for All Palmistry for All. The Age of Reason. His sobriquetCheiro, derives from the word cheiromancymeaning palmistry.

Palmistry for All by Cheiro – Free eBook

At this point I must ask the most careful attention to the following rules—which no other book on the subject contains, and which I have not published in any of my other writings, viz.: Many men and women may have handsome, intellectual faces and yet prefer sport or outdoor life to any mental pursuit or exercise.

The first joint or nail phalange of the thumb, when long and thin, denotes the opposite of the above characteristics. Once we decide the strength issue, we try to palmiztry which planetary bodes are positive and negative. If this finger is crooked, then these weaknesses are all the more emphasised, but if formed crooked and long the power of palmishry is also crooked.


The Line of Health, running straight down the hand but not touching the Line of Life, indicates that though the constitution may not be robust, it is wiry, and there is great reserve resistance to disease. Meyer was waiting his trial. Perugini married Lillian Russell, a famous actress and singer within few months. On July 20 thhe was formally arrested palmixtry charged with murder.

So far, unfortunately, it appears that only a fraction of the palmists hand analysts in the world today are aware of the sad life story of this man. It must have taken a sizeable corpses and their peeled skins to compile a book of such antiquity. When Mark Twain, met Cheiro for consultation, he said following at the end of his allotted time. He seems to lack perception, in knowing whom to love.

Cheiro, unknowingly made Rasputin an enemy, the result of which was that he mysteriously lost many businesses and palmistrh in paljistry coming years. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here If you gained his favor you were definitely given entrance into the elite circle.

,ero, was an Irishman but inexplicably the vicissitudes of his career are connected with the periods of British Kerl. They also have a happier and brighter disposition, [Pg 62] and this has naturally a great deal to do with what is called success.

مشہور پامسٹ کیرو کے کارنامے

The most interesting thing is that inMata Hari had not made any plans of taking on a dancing career. This denotes an intensely self-concentrated nature. Notify me of new comments via email. This brings us down to the period when the power of the Church was beginning to be felt outside the domain and jurisdiction of religion. Another reason for his lost years might be that he was practicing professionally but most of his clients belonged from Middle and Business class. In a very short time this man could detect the slightest change or irregularity in these crepitations, and through the changes was able to tell with wonderful accuracy about how old a person was, and how near they were to illness, and even death.