Leninism Under Lenin has 47 ratings and 8 reviews. Paul said: Narrates the terrain of Leninist politics in a refreshingly undogmatic fashion. Liebman is. Marcel Liebman was a historian of socialism and of communism. Reviews “ From Leninism Under Lenin there emerges a living and eminently. Leninism Under Lenin [1] is a serious and useful work. By dismantling these myths Liebman renders a service to the cause of historical truth, and, Marcel Liebman, Leninisme sous Lenine, 2 vols., Paris, Seuil,

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See, especially, Liebman, op. Could the Russian proletariat have kept hold of the direct exercise of power even if the revolution did not quickly prove victorious in the West? Either 1 capitalism cannot be or does not deserve to be overthrown in the West, it is still too strong, etc.

Did they not rather enable its enemies to unite all the economic and military resources ,arcel Europe for the attack in which brought the Soviet State to undrr brink of collapse? Jul 12, David Swanson rated it it was amazing.

Leninism Under Lenin

The Party leaders thought that the principal immediate danger was the political use that petty-bourgeois and middle-bourgeois elements, strengthened by the New Economic Policy, might make of their increased social and material power.

This Lenin, more complex and contradictory than the maleficent devil of some and the flawless hero of others, is closer to reality and also, it must be added, markedly more human and attractive than the legendary figures who are so often presented to us as substitutes. Grant Vincent rated it it was amazing Nov 07, But then he quickly plunges into an marcsl which does no more than juxtapose the contradictory elements in the evolution of events between andso that he is unable to provide any real explanation of what happened.

The bureaucracy was made up capitalist ownership having been abolished of all the professional adminiitrators of the state and of the economy: Downloaded with thanks from the Socialist Register Website. What, at bottom, was the mistake made by the Bolshevik leaders in ? To be complete, and to be fair unrer Lenin, it should be added: This seems to me beyond dispute.

Liebman and Leninism

All that happened was not the inevitable consequence of the weakness of the Soviet proletariat on the morrow of the civil war. Leninism Under Lenin [1] is a serious and useful work. Was victory for the proletarian revolution — in Germany, say — objectively possible? The number of wage-earners actually increased by 50 per cent between andand could have been made to increase even more rapidly. Even though he projected these proposals into the future, without ever showing readiness to condemn explicitly the measures which he himself had helped to introduce inthis shade of difference in the way he expressed his idea became so slight towards the end of his life that the conclusion becomes unavoidable, at any rate so far as the ban on factions is concerned.


Nor does he fail to draw attention to the definition of the Soviet state that Lenin formulated as early as History has not yet given its verdict on the capacity of revolutionary Marxists to build Leninist parties independent of the Soviet bureaucracy and in opposition to it.

Liebman does an admirable job of documenting the rise and activity of Lenin and the Bolsheviks. At most one can say that this situation was pregnant with danger — as Lenin perceived almost at once. Or else we are not convinced that the situation is revolutionary, in which case there is no sense in our just talking about a war against war. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Does not historical experience confirm this apparently unexpected conclusion?

Leninism Under Lenin – Marcel Liebman – Google Books

It would have been better if he had grasped, once and for all, the turn made by Lenin inand understood the profound theoretical reasons for this turn. But its immediate acuteness was exaggerated: Basing ourselves on the experience of history we can today define better than could be done in what the institutional, economic, political and cultural conditions are for the proletariat to keep hold, to the greatest extent possible, of the direct exercise of power.

Narrates the terrain of Leninist politics in a refreshingly undogmatic fashion. Clearly separates Lenin from Stalin, without romanticizing Lenin’s role.

Tom Blackburn rated it it was amazing Jul 27, The spontaneous activity of the working-class masses always revolves around immediate problems. Mao Tse-tung, Selected WorksVol. It resulted from the interaction between these conditions and the role played by the subjective factorthat is, lejinism the Bolshevik leadership and the Party.

I t was in this spirit that the Communist International was established. The building of a vanguard party of the working class means, essentially, the fusion of the lleninism, and the cadres who embody the programme, with this stratum of the workers. Michael rated it it was lrninism May 08, Dave Gaughran rated it it was amazing Mar 09, Bundy rated it really liked leninis, Sep 03, That a revolutionary working-class party cannot attain a high level of effectiveness in a period when the revolution is on the ebb and the masses are passive is almost self-evident.


He tries to explainas well, and in so doing he comes up against the entanglement of history with theory, as is inevitable for anyone who aims to deal with Lenin and Leninism from the Marxist standpoint. This work ujder a biased monologue for those who might feel concerned; I’ve come to understand a lot of the grievances anarchists hold in relation to the Bolsheviks and Lenin himself from reading this book and will definitely be exploring further into the events of Kronstadt in as a result.

Tad Tietze rated it it was amazing Mar 31, Trivia About Leninism Under Lenin. This Institute aims to contribute to socialist thought and the study of the left, as well as a critical reflection on the practices of social movements. A truly wonderful unbiased book. Nevertheless, by bringing in this social factor only half-way through his second volume [13]Liebman sets it, so to speak, in the margin of his analysis, instead of setting it squarely in the centre thereof.

From Socialist Registerpp. The bulk of them can then join the vanguard party.

Trotsky certainly drew the historical conclusion from this experience by calling for the right to establish a variety of Soviet parties and declaring that the prohibition of factions could only result in the strangling of inner-Party democracy.

John Mullen rated it really liked it Mar 17, Both of them stumble when they come up against theoretical problems of decisive importance. One can argue lwnin or not this was correct. This thesis may look attractive, but it will not stand up to critical examination. More often than not, he offers no answers at all. It was this factor, and this alone, that dictated, on the political plane, undef retention of bourgeois democracy.