make your pie chart

Be-cycling requires understanding and accepting reality. This page allows you to begin to see which of your everyday actions contribute the most to global warming, a critical first step to reducing your emissions.

I plan to add a widget here that automatically makes your pie chart from five numbers you enter; if you’d like that, please ask me for it using the contact form (otherwise I’ll use my time for other things!). Until I do, here is the recipe.

You can calculate your approximate annual individual emissions (in kilograms of CO2-equivalents) from flying, driving, food, natural gas, and electricity as follows:

flying0.27 * coach miles flown in the year (plus 0.54 * 1st class miles)
driving9 * gallons burned in the year (your portion)
foodmeat diet = 2000, veg diet = 1000, vegan diet = 500
nat. gas13 * therms burned in the year (your portion)
electricity0.6 * kWh used in the year (your portion)

Here is a pie chart showing the annual US MEAN emissions from the five actions:



Here is a pie chart showing MY emissions from 2010:



… and here is a chart showing my emissions since then:


For more information (e.g. where I get these numbers) please see my book draft on the home page.

The only decent carbon calculator I’ve found online, by the way, is here.