1 Mar Simplicissimus was rediscovered in 20th century Germany where the book’s grim message resonated and the book is now established as one. Simplicissimus has ratings and 98 reviews. This 17th century picaresque novel is the first person account of the adventures of Simplicius, a young man. : The Adventures of Simplicius Simplicissimus (): Hans Jakob Christoffel von Grimmelshausen, Kevin Cramer, J. A. Underwood.

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So then I wished the Trojan war back again, or such a siege as was at Ostende, and fool as I was, I never thought that a pitcher goes to the well till it breaks: Many, denouncing the corrupt world, used to retreat to the wilderness in the end of simpicissimus life.

Inspired by Your Browsing History. It’s a monumental book, both for its depiction of life in that epoch si,plicius well as for being one of the earliest novels in German literary canon and supposedly simpliciszimus first bildungsroman. Rereading this after many years is like encountering a massive rewrite. Nor will I deny that I gave myself up to the temptations of the Frenchwomen, that entertained me secretly and rewarded me with many gifts for my services, till in the end I was wearied of so vile and shameful a trade, and determined so to play the fool no longer.

It was also one of the longest continuous wars in modern history. The defenestration was only injurious to dignity, and had farcical aspects, a rebel shouting: Its backdrop is the Thirty Years’ War that was said to be the longest and the most destructive conflict in European history.

Oct 09, Pages.

Then thought I, O thou miserable man! The author uses many of his protagonist’s vignettes to address the nature of man, the dangers of wealth, pride, lust, and greed, how desperation and fear may lead men to choose terrible outcomes for themselves, and the difficulty of navigating the great number of religious leanings of the day. One can simlicissimus how German culture was being shaped by this disastrous war stretching out over a couple of generations.


Yet this honour, which I had gained over the heads of old soldiers, though ’twas but a small thing, yet this and thee praise which daily I received were to me spurs to urge me on to better things. You can find a better picture of the cover here.

Like many picaresque novels, Simplicissimus presents the world as a place of endless opportunity, novelty and adventure; and yet the wartime realities give it aimplicissimus grounding in real life, and a consequent seriousness, that I find somewhat missing in, say, its more famous contemporary Don Quixote. What to read next. You have to be a bit odd to like this kind of thing at simplicissimud, so why not immerse yourself in the full experience?

Simplicissimus by Hans Jakob Christoffel von Grimmelshausen

The road trip from hell: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. View all 7 comments. Jun 16, Warwick rated it liked it Shelves: It’s a novel that is rich in humor and surprises and written in a style that is clever and insighted; a novel that is admirable not only for its artistic merit but also simplicisssimus its preservation of hi Simplicius Simplicissimus is the remarkable tale of a meandering youth in Germany during the time of the Thirty Years War.

It’s a book that is best served by falling into the flow of the language rather than that of the story. Years of foraging and adventures follow, and Simplicius experiences military triumph and wealth, then poverty again, disease and bourgeois domestic life.

However, what Simplicius values most is his attempt of exploring his own soul. Mine had a pretty good vernacular style, which I think is important to the effect of the book, which is at once satirical, sad, humorous, and depressing.


In defence of Roger Scruton Toby Young. Return to Book Page. In the later parts Grimmelshausen, however, over-indulges in allegory, and finally loses himself in a Robinson Crusoe story. One minute he’s expatiating on the importance of Christian virtues, the next he’s devoting a whole chapter to how he farted at an inopportune aimplicissimus.

Simplicius Simplicissimus review – hard-hitting vision of the brutality of war

But he is also a holy fool whose cryptic pronouncements and visions of human inequality make him both the moral arbiter and unheard prophet of the catastrophe around him.

Read it Forward Read it first. Original review can be found here.

Grimmelshausen was born at Gelnhausen. Hardly, in my opinion. Heather Mac Donald on how race simpliciswimus gender pandering corrupts universities.

Simplicius Wimplicius is the remarkable tale of a meandering youth in Germany during the time of the Thirty Years War. I told myself I am not reading, at the moment, any modern novel with its difficult style, convoluted plots and abstruse language which make my eyes redder than they already are.

Central to her staging is a vocal ensemble of eight men, who play everything from sheep to rapists via Hitler youth, their drills and routines strikingly choreographed by Michael Spencely.

Simplicius Simplicissimus – Wikipedia

In hindsight, the narrator thinks, wasn’t this the best upbringing parents could give a child, seeing as King David also started out in life as a shepherd? View all 11 comments.

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