sleeping-car. Among them Ivan Osokin, a young man about twenty six. Osokin is visibly agitated although he tries not to show it. Zinaida is talking to her brother. 2 Apr Ivan Osokin is a man in his middle twenties; he is feckless, undisciplined and broke. He’s had many chances to make good in life, but has. 11 Jun Strange Life of Ivan Osokin by P. D. Ouspensky follows the struggle of Ivan Osokin to correct his mistakes when given a chance to relive his.

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He wrote this, his only novel, to give you a glimpse of what it takes to change, and a glimpse of the difference, perhaps, between free will and the lack of it, between embracing life actively as it is, or forever being a slave, whether to iban or external factors.

It is only in the opening and closing scenes that he permits himself some stdange. As mistake leads to misfortune, as opportunities fall away one by one, Osokin struggles futilely against the inevitability of recurrence.

Definitely not re-read quality for me, but I’m glad I took the time to osokim out this little known classic. What, then, is the book’s central idea? Apr 19, Gregory marked it as to-read. Kitabin kapagibdaki natulius ve arkasindaki ozet cok dikkatimi cekti. The novel serves as a narrative platform for Nietzsche ‘s theory of eternal recurrence [ citation needed ].

Nevertheless, I think that detracts from what is otherwise an excellent story. The strange life of Ivan Osokin is an exploration of the possible reality of a fourth dimension, and the search for a deeper meaning to life.

Some, including his close pupil Rodney Collin, say that he finally gave up the system injust before his death, but his own recorded words on the subject “A Record of Meetings”, published posthumously do not clearly endorse this judgement, nor does Ouspensky’s emphasis on “you must make a new beginning” after confessing “I’ve left the system”. The wizard warns it would all be just the same. He’s assured of this lack of change by his magician acquaintance, who makes this eternal return possible, but Osokin doesn’t quite believe him and hopes to change, to his eternal frustration and chagrin.


Feb 03, Merve Eflatun rated it really iva it. The magician tells Osokin that he has to enter into his services, which is his only possibility for salvation from the wheel of life now when he knows the secret it is never explained what sort of secreet that exactly is. This site uses cookies. Spoiler gibi olmasin ama kitapta en cok etkilendigim iki kucuk paragrafi hem daha sonra unutmamak icin hemde sizler icin paylasmak istiyorum.

The theme of reliving life is common in literature, but this osoin to be one of the more authentic personal life-like versions. It will be the same as the past. Was Ouspensky inspired by the fact that the characters in a film must and will do the same thing every time the film is shown, regardless of what they may be thinking?

He tells a magician of his woes, longs to begin his life over again, then he can change things for the better. April 2, by Michael Graeme. Events happen around him but not to him, as if life was a dream ifan which he did not really exist.

Not the most promising proposal. It gave the novel is school yard feel that totally killed it for me. I can only guess. Osokin cannot do this strahge he requires the help of an all-wise charismatic guru type — i.

The title is an ironic commentary on this experience. What is the special hope it conveys?

Strange Life of Ivan Osokin – Wikipedia

Ouspensky s novel stubs. Thus, Osokin arrives once more in the latter part of his childhood, just before the time he was expelled from school for being a prankster and a sluggard. Worse, he can see his own bad choices coming, but for one reason or another cannot avert them. Only at the end of In Search of the Miraculous, when he was moving away from Gurdjieff, does the author himself appear. His book In Search of the Miraculous is a recounting of what he learned from Gurdjieff during those years.


Porters sweep the cobbled streets, raising clouds of dust. Osorkin is very much his own worst enemy and keeps shooting his own foot off — again and again. Ivah new science of quantum mechanics had created a buzz, revealing a very strange universe, which cleared the way for a brief renaissance of mystical thinking that electrified the cultured classes.

Set in Moscow and Paris, Ouspensky’s only full-length novel explores the theme of “eternal recurrence”, a theory of time developed in Ivsn classic book A New Model of the Universe.

Strange Life of Ivan Osokin

Dec 25, Julio Loo rated it it was ok. Favorite part was that it was told in the third person limited present tense and done very well. Notify me of new comments via email. Probably it reflects the enormous impression made on Ouspensky as a child of six by Lermontov’s A Hero of Our Time and Turgenev’s A Sportsman’s Sketches, before he turned to poetry and natural science.

You are commenting using stange Facebook account. Apr 15, mytwocents rated it really liked it. How often have we done the wrong thing, knowing better and wi Probably 3.

Both works imply that a sober acceptance of personal accountability is necessary in order to effect an increase in the degree of freedom of the individual. If we have free will to make osoiin choices, why aren’t we all the best reviewer on goodreads?


To view it, click here. What I will say is this book was odd, but I appreciated that it was a quick read. If he only had his time again, he’d avoid expulsion from school, alienating his rich uncle, bad behaviour in the army and frittering away a life-saving inheritance in casinos.

The ivxn fully anticipates the Fourth Way Philosophy which typified Ouspensky’s later works [ citation needed ]. A good read leaving me with some interesting ideas to ponder.