“Anne Cherian appears to be channeling Jane Austen in her wonderful novel A Good Indian Wife. Set in contemporary America and India, the book celebrates. 20 May A fully assimilated Indian-American doctor reluctantly adjusts to an arranged marriage in this likable but generic debut from Indian-born. 13 Jan I’ve had a rather difficult time coming up with a rating for A Good Indian Wife by Anne Cherian. On one hand, once I got into the story, I couldn’t.

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The whole story is about her winning him over which I expectedbut he never redeems himself, and in the end I wish she ran off with one of the white dudes who kept hitting on her. He decides to play it safe and just make a social visit to please his relatives but things do not work out the way he planned, as he soon finds himself married to Leila, a teacher of English literature. Make of that what you will, dear readers. Published May 17th by W. We see Neel’s family frantic for him to come home and marry a ‘local’ girl.

Arranged marriages are intriguing to me, and assimilation in all of its many shapes and variations is equally fascinating.

Leila Krishna lives in a small village gkod South India with her parents and two younger sisters. Why’d you even bother with a 3? We also learn that tall blonde American women either come from money or are money grubbing, and either way they likely come from racist families who cannot bear to see a white woman married to someone of Indian descent.

Aug 20, Kavyen rated it it was goid. While Neel is see-sawing between the two women in his life, Leila eventually wises up to the fact that he is seeing another woman, which is confirmed twice over, once when she sees them together, and again when she receives a confessional phone call from Caroline.


The author moves the spotlight frequently, shifting POV between wiffe even within the same paragraph. Her cherished dreams of marriage and family finally realized, Leila has no idea what to expect once they are alone in San Francisco, a sheltered life hardly preparing her for the demands of a marriage to a virtual stranger: I finished the book for Leila and no-one else.

I just had to jndian if Leila would ever confront Neel about his infidelity and poor treatment, or if Neel would realize annne dishonorable he was being, not just to himself, but also to the wufe ladies in his life and to his family. It could also be a short-cut the first-time author uses instead of creating atmosphere and mood through actions and conflict.

View all 5 comments. Be the first to discover new talent! Despite being unwanted and unloved, she really blossomed in San Francisco, and expertly straddled the cultural divide by remaining true to herself and her values while remaining open to new experiences and people.

Oh, and I’m Indian. When they arrive home he leaves his new bride in his apartment alone while he goes to see Caroline with the full intention of continuing a sexual relationship with her.

His repeated lies to this woman whom he did not want to marry but who cjerian her best to be a good wife were reprehensible.


He loved living in America, but knew that there, too, he didn’t quite fit. I can relate to Leila on so many levels. Although I give the book only three stars, I give Leila five. Caroline had been convinced that after the death Neel would divorce his wife and marry her; Leila, meanwhile, discovers that she is pregnant. Sadly, he wants nothing to do with her.


A Good Indian Wife by Anne Cherian

Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger. I give stars based on how much the book does what I wanted it to, how close it matches dherian realistic as possible expectations; not some ‘great literature’ scale of which I would know not, anywayhence the quietly happy 5. With a girlfriend and a promising But his eyes had been open too long in the West and by the time he adjusted his vision to India, it was too late.

For all that I despise Neel, I love the character of Leila. I thought this book was full of chiches such as couples who fall in love with each other only after marriage and Indian parents anxious to see their children with suitable life partners.

It’s essentially a romance novel without any romance, dry, flat, and nearly sterile, Cheriab one burst of true emotion comes late in the book, and it largely redeems it, but not entirely. Once in India he realizes that this was yet another trap to bj him married. I see that several reviewers were actually pretty happy with the way the story ended. And yet, he has strength in most ggood his choices too. By the time I reached the final pages, I was satisfied with the ending.