Halo: Uprising [Brian Michael Bendis, Alex Maleev] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Eisner Award-winning team of superscribe Brian. Halo: Uprising [Brian Michael Bendis, Alex Maleev, Jose VIllarrubia] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This story starts at the conclusion of. Halo: Uprising () #1. Published: August 22, The Eisner Award-winning team of superscribe Brian Michael Bendis and artist extraordinaire Alex.

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It wasn’t very interesting to me until I was three quarters of the way through the comic. Oct 15, Jon athan Nakapalau rated it it was amazing Shelves: Nov 09, Manrix rated it liked it.

Bendis and Maleev are a great combination bringing Halo to the pages of Marvel comics. It’s what happens when an unlikely pair get caught up in a wave crashing down on them, ripping them apart from their lives as they struggle to hold onto each other. It’s becoming more and more difficult to just grab anything shiny off of store shelves. Halo 2 and Halo 3. He has won critical acclaim including five Eisner Awards and is one of the most successful writers working in mainstream comics.

Uprising is a collection of 4 short comics in the Uprising story.

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Just a few Easter Eggs are woven into this story. How can two star-crossed lovers find their way to happiness when everything and everyone they knew is haalo destroyed around them?? Want to Read Currently Reading Read. These two made Daredevil into a powerful series, surpassing even the great Frank Miller. On a course set for Earth, he is overwhelmed by a Covenant strike force and uprisibg unconscious.


Ruwan explains to the marines how he and his brother, Colonel James Ackerson, made up the Key of Osanalan when they were boys.

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You can definitely tell we’re in the Halo universe though, uprixing the Master Chief, Grunts, Brutes, Prophets, Marines, Pelicans, Banshees, and just about everything else you know and love.

Sci Fi time travel, fantastic star voyages, strange beings, and dark forces for fans of Dr. They also, with a book called Uprisinf Confessioncreated one of the best single issues of the year. There is a hook here and a plot thread there that could push the seemingly-generic elements laid out thus far. If you’re interested in checking out the comic, Marvel has provided the entire first issue on their Web site.

This review uprisinng a few months after the actual reading so it may not be quite precise It was a nice side story of the Halo universe. There’s really not much there.

The comic also follows two characters on Earth as they try to survive during the Covenant invasion.

Maleev is the single reason any comic book fan should be picking up Halo: The collected hardcover edition was the best-selling hardcover graphic book for the week ending June 13, according to The New York Times. So-so story, but I did like the Ackerson brothers’ storyline. John, in the meantime, finds himself faced by an extremely large force of Covenant yalo.

Retrieved from ” http: Jayatilleke noted that Bungie’s dedication to creating a believable world compelling to both hardcore and casual fans made the series “an attractive fit” for Marvel. Not only do you have to worry about telling a decent story, but you have to focus on uprizing it can be incorporated to what already exists, adhering to guidelines uprixing down by people not even associated with the comic book industry.

They’re very much two separate stories that happen to join together at the end.

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The story of Uprising consists of two paths – one tells the story of Master Chief, starting where we left him in Halo 2 and brings us close to where we find him in Halo 3. The art style of the book is almost pencil drawn when you look at it and is very shaded. Ruwan reveals that the Key is upeising fact a fictional object that he and his brother James Ackerson made up as children; James told the Covenant about the Key in order to prevent the outright destruction of Cleveland.

The comic follows the two as they struggle to survive among the carnage created by Covenant and UNSC forces. The problem however, is that at the end of it I still didn’t really care about the characters.

John then continues to push through the ship, eventually arriving in the prophets chambers and setting his sights on Truth. Though his work in Daredevil was traditionally very dark and closed off, Maleev has “cleaned up” his style here to demonstrate the “bigger concepts” of the Halo world. Meanwhile, John is found by uprisign Jackal and shot. They chatted a while, but a Scarab appears. Promotional poster for the limited series depicting the Master Chief against a backdrop of alien Covenant vessels.

Uprising experienced severe delays before being released. The supersoldier Master Chief is stowed away aboard an ancient Forerunner ship. The plan is approved and Ruwan is injected with Tykos 30a chemical tracking compound.