The High-Frequency LA3-VARI-BH Vari-Directional Array delivers high quality sound with reduced background reverberations and high levels of speech. Product information for Vari Base Unit HF, Vari-directional Array LA3-VARI-BH manufactured by Bosch Conferencing and Public Address Systems. Provided by . Brand, Bosch. Model Code, LA3-VARI-BH. Speech and/or music reproduction, Speech and high quality music. Mount type, Flush. Model Info. Features.

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Ningbo Soundking Group Co.

Many large modern and classical buildings, like passenger terminals and cathedrals, use hard reflective materials for floors, walls and ceilings. Any additional quantity will be at vafi price. Display Systems International, Inc. Reviews 0 Write a review rzqtseddxfcxewxd.

Bosch Communications LA3VARIBH – LA3VARIBH Vari Base Unit HF – Herman ProAV

Hikvision Digital Technology Co. Bosch Vari-directional Array Data Sheet. Audience Response Systems, Inc. Whether it’s an announcement of the next train, an inspiring sermon, a musical performance or a multimedia presentation, the message will always come through loud and clear.

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Monster Cable Products, Inc. Electronic Theatre Controls Inc. Bosch Conferencing and Public Address Systems. Due to their size and absence of absorbing materials the reverberation time is long and the amount of indirect reverberant sound compared to direct sound is high. Topp Pro Music Gear. Blonder Tongue Laboratories, Inc. The units are suited for both pa3 music and speech. Dove Net The Project System. Part Number Price Qty.

Bosch LA3-VARI-BH vari base unit HF

The Bosch Vari-directional Array provides a very good direct to reverberant sound bari. Still it is very important to hear and understand the spoken message, whether it is ,a3 gate change announcement on an airport, a prayer in a house of worship or an evacuation message in case of an emergency.

Meyer Sound Laboratories, Inc. RAL white aluminum Word Length: Bomar Interconnect Products, Inc. Easy, Intuitive Software Interface The software menus are straightforward to use and easy to understand. Antrica Division of Zilica Ltd.


Advanced Technology Video, Inc. Unmatched sound quality and speech intelligibility Fast solution for challenging environments Smart modular design, flush mountable Sophisticated beam configuration with EASE support. Please check your local sales tax laws.

ls3 Firstly, it radiates more direct sound to the audience and secondly, it induces less ceiling reflections. LD Systems Pro Audio. Beijing Feiyashi Technology Development Co.


Hyundai IT America, Corp. Benchmark Media Systems, Inc. APC by Schneider Electric. Core Brands – Emphasys. Special built-in provisions make these arrays compliant to the world’s emergency sound system standards. Ecler Laboratorio de Electro-Acustica S.