Find genuine OEM Rational SCC61E replacement parts at Parts Town with the largest in-stock inventory and same day shipping until 9pm ET. Rational SCCWE61E Electric Self Cooking Center, 6 grid Combination Oven, Rational SCC61E Electric Self Cooking Center Combination Oven – CKLE. The Rational Self Cooking Center 5 Senses is the only cooking system in the world with 5 senses. Because it senses, recognises, thinks ahead, learns from you.

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The CombiGrill griddle is extremely strong and durable.

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Tue 20th November to Fri 30th November. The Rational units are built with oven racks however, they are not supplied with grids as standard. Price match is at the discretion of Hopkins Catering Ltd at all times. The lease figures displayed above have been calculated over 12 to 60 month terms and are merely a guide and subject to status. Please do not hesitate to contact our Sales Team for any additional information.

Depending on which side you use, the cross and stripe grill grate will either give your products the classic grill stripes or the popular original American steakhouse pattern. This TriLax aluminium perforated baking tray from Rational has optimum non-stick properties, it is extremely robust and offers a long service life. Products must be identical to products been price matched. I’d like help with A Quote Leasing Something else.


Ideal for catching grease when grilling and roasting. Ultravents are not required for any gas units due to gas regulations in the UK. An additional external connection or extension to an existing exhaust air system is not required for this air re-circulation hood. Whether convection, steam or combination, in manual mode you regulate all cooking parameters precisely.

This function is significantly less expensive in resources and materials than manual cleaning.

The accessory is easy to operate so that it can be loaded quickly. The height-adjustable transport trolley is suitable worktops, raised Rational stands and Combi-Duos.

Price match does not include any promotions or special offers of any kind. View All Kitchen Equipment 61 Categories.

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Simply prepare enough plates for your raational in advance, and then store them refrigerated on mobile oven racks. The muffin and timbale mold is made from a highly flexible material and has optimal non-stick properties, ideal for delicate desserts and is extremely robust and easy to clean. Cubic Meter [m 3 ]: Open PDF in new window.

This TriLax grill and pizza tray from Rational has optimum non-stick properties, it is extremely robust and offers a long service scc61d. Your SelfCookingCenter will operate without a water softener and since it is a high-performance, fresh-steam generator with automatic scc1eno additional descaling is required. Rational extractor hoods are not required for any gas units due to gas regulations in the UK.

Just build your basket, enter the amount of finance required and see just how little you can pay.

Grid Electric Combination Ovens (6 x GN) – Rational

It has been developed by chefs for chefs. They are exceptionally robust, making them ideal for the tough day-to-day requirements of the professional kitchen. The price match offer is only available on day of purchase. SCC61E Join our mailing list? Rational Hanging Racks For Model 61 5 racks, wide-spaced rails, image is 8 racks – Cubic Foot raitonal 3 ]: The HiDensityControl function uniformly circulates air, heat and moisture throughout the cooking cabinet to produce finished foods of an unrivalled quality – from the first rack to the last.


The grill and tandoori skewers have a remarkable number of possible uses. This Rational unit senses the ideal cooking cabinet conditions, recognizes the size and quantity of food, thinks ahead and knows how a dish is best cooked.

Different Chicken Superspikes are available depending on the size of chicken you want to roast. No thanks Rational VarioSmoker – Rafional and Conditions Prices must raational verified to come from genuine websites selling new and unused equipment.

Rational SCCWE61E Combi Oven

ILevelControl monitors each rack individually and notifies you when a particular rack needs to be loaded or unloaded at the end of cooking. The TriLax aluminium baking trays ecc61e Rational have optimum non-stick properties, are extremely robust and offer a long service life. The initial start-up also includes the self-test and appliance calibration.