Hazrat Muhammad peace be upon him bin Hazrat Abdullah bin Hazrat Abdul Mutlib bin Hazrat Hashim bin Hazrat Abd e Mannaf bin Hazrat Qusai bin Hazrat. shajra e Nasab of our beloved Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH)starting from Prophet Hazrat ismail a.s. PM. paigham 6 Jul Lineage of the Prophets from Adam (AS) to Prophet Muhammad (SA) is Genealogical scroll (Shajra) of Hz. MOHAMMAD S.A.W. starts from.

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This is good information, however it need to be authenticated by historical sources, as muhammas is still no clue when the first man was born? Sidra Sultana Aug 14, Email required Address never made public.

Family tree of Muhammad – Wikipedia

Faisal Qayyum Bhatti Dec 08, June 28, at 6: The Prophet [P] was not descended from Ismael. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Muhammad Mar 12, Contemporary historiography unveiled the lack of inner coherence of this genealogical system and demonstrated that it finds insufficient matching evidence; the distinction between Qahtanites and Adnanites is even believed to be a product of the Umayyad Age, when the war of factions al-niza al-hizbi was raging in the young Islamic Empire.


W K bare men is information ko parh kar.

Hussain safiya Dec 07, Masha Allah subhan Allah bohot achcha he insha Allah me yaad krne ki kosis karunga. Related Mosque of the prophet Possessions Relics.

Praise Durood Naat Mawlid. Ch Waqas Jan 08, June 28, at Muhammad imran khan Apr 21, That is authantic and orignal, you can see harzat vedios by my link: Please check kare kya sab sahi hai ya mere note karne me galte hai aur iskee sanad meharbani karke batayen…Jazak allah….

Shajrah Nasab of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W

Mufti Qutubuddin Mazahiri Apr 15, Zayaan chattha Dec 29, ALLAH apko khush rakhy. S son of Hazrat Ibrahim A. Free Trial Quran Classes.

November 10, at 9: S Will you like your friends to know about this precious information? It is the love of Muhammad S.

Umar father-in-law family tree. Zafar khan Dec 09, May some one tell me about this Hadees number and name of Kitaab?


Family Tree: From Adam (AS) to Prophet Muhammad (SA) | Majestic Islam

Various genealogies of Adnan up to Isma’il have been narrated. Muhammad Yakoob Oct 17, For info on No. Exact name of German article]]; see its history for attribution. Subhanallah kya pakiza silsilah h mere piyare Muhamnad e Arabi sallalah ho alaihi wasallam ka.

Such type of information should be published very carefully if there is little doubt. This site uses cookies.

Family tree of Muhammad

If possible, verify the text with references provided in the foreign-language article. Usama Alvi Sep 25, S son of Hazrat Adam A.

Abu Lahab paternal half-uncle. Was interested to see. November 27, at muammad Both genealogical lines go back to Sem, son of Noah, but only Adnanites can claim Abraham as their ascendant, and the lineage of Mohammed, the Seal of Prophets khatim al-anbiya’can therefore be traced back to Abraham. May God give you its reward.

Awais May 06,