18 Aug The concept of Shibumi is said to be “great refinement underlying commonplace appearances; authority without domination”. Trevanian spent. 16 Mar Book Review — Shibumi by Trevanian. I finished Shibumi last night and today I spent a decent bit of mental energy shuffling my list of favorite. 8 Feb It’s difficult to summarize what SHIBUMI is about, because thinking Trevanian starts with this cliché, unbelievable premise and with patience.

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May Learn how and when to remove this template message. Unlike most literary writers who loves creating ciphers, his intentions were democratic. Trevanian could write some sophisticated literary pulp fiction. I spent more time on it than I had anticipated because for some time after his death I was too unhappy to work. I admire Jews and American Indians for theirs. I am afraid that whilst I savoured the first half, the second I ended up just skimming.

We spend a good chunk of the book exploring Go, caves, trevanixn how he picked up his legendary skill at making love, but there is no mention of when, how, or where he picked up his deadliest skill.

I learned a lot of great vocabulary in Spanish as I read through these portions which may come in handy if I do any mountaineering in Spain.

The energy companies having control over the government and sponsoring armed conflict. The advantages of having Trevanian’s name in prominence and his sales flourishing when it came to publishing Street of the Four Winds were obvious, and this consideration was foremost in my mind when at last I agreed to take the project one cautious step further, and allow Michael Carlisle and Richard Pine to start looking for a writer.

When he wrote his first two novels, he was chairman of the Department of Radio, TV and Film at the University of Texas, Austin, where he continued to teach for many years. Which of the following best describes you? View all 14 comments. Has anyone got any views? The battle lines are drawn: You will find that his gift wasn’t physical in the first place looking younger than his age played both for and again him and that he developed his political indifference through a series of painful ordeals and a curious national identity issue he has none.

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Diamond made of her to relieve his tensions.

Trevanian is one of the pen names of Rodney William Whitaker SMELL the sour tang of fear, the smell of sweat flowing from under your arms to soak your expensive business suit as you contemplate who exactly you have crossed! If you think this is a spoof, you’re slightly more enlightened but you’re still narrow minded. Recall the book was published in32 years ago.

If you want to read it and let your mind toss around the aspects of the philosophy of Shibumi that is also quite easily done. All very well done, but there were some flies in the ointment. Oct 01, Arun Divakar rated it it was ok. Enjoy this if it’s what you like. Each whore who gave a German soldier the clap was a freedom fighter. Needless to say Hei becomes enmeshed with a situation counter to American interests.

Trevanian Books/Shibumi

I have to retract two stars and my rave review. It’s not completely standard. His mother was a Russian aristocrat, he was born in Shanghai, he was raised by a Japanese go master, and in the aftermath of World War II, he becomes the most ninjaest ninja ever.

And in the personality of a man, it is…authority without domination. Hel succeeds in his mission, taking for payment the names and locations of those who tortured him, and goes on to become one of the highest-paid and most skillful assassins in the world. It’s never carrying you along, but it never leaves you behind.


The sole survivor contacts Hel and persuades him to involve himself. Shibumi at Barnes and Noble. Nicholas Hel is an interesting character, one of the most complicated I’ve ever read in a mystery-t My original review was wrong in a couple of respects, not bad though for the 25 years or so that had passed since I read it.

Trevanian Home Page

What should America do now? The truth be known, I admire the French more than any other foreigners. Most of the jokes had to do with what would happen to the assistant’s nose, should Mr. Plus, he taught me about “Volvo-bashing”! Genius, mystic, master of language and culture, Hel’s secret is his determination to attain a rare kind of personal excellence, a state of effortless perfection View all 4 comments.

Most important, it’s a vehicle for his opinions and passions. It requires effort and patience, but it’s a novel that never locks you out. Need I say that I realize the CIA has some “asses” and the I know some operations were quite probably far from kosher.

Shibumi at Sensei’s Library

View all 5 comments. But when Hannah arrives for sanctuary, she’s soon followed trevaniian smug emissaries from the Mother Company–and their un-Shibumi brutishness plus the fact that Hel bears one of them a year grudge provokes Hel back into action.

He’s an international assassin, but he hardly ever kills anybody! Aug 20, Lyn rated it really liked it. In Shibumi Trevanian outlined the plot of Hel’s first ‘stunt’ after he was released from imprisonment by the Americans. One of my favorite books ever.